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When thinking of the greatest players in the game of baseball, one of the first names that comes to mind is Babe Ruth. Most people recall his name because he was the best left-handed hitter of his time. He personally began a new era for baseball with his ability to hit the ball further and more consistent that any previous players. However, many of the choices he made and things he did ultimately hurt both his career and his life. He currently holds many records and is listed in the top ten of all time players in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

George Herman “Babe” Ruth Jr was born in Baltimore, Maryland on February 6, 1895 to George Herman Ruth Sr and Katherine Schamberger Ruth. He had celebrated his birthday on February 7, 1894 and only …show more content…

His father was busy with his bar business and his mother was very sick so he often was left alone to do what he wanted. This led him to get into so much trouble including skipping school, hanging around on the waterfront, and spending too much time in his father’s bar. He stole from the cash register, drank left over beer, and chewed tobacco at the age of six (Encyclopedia.com)

As a result, he was sent to St. Mary’s Industrial School for boy at the age of seven. He spent a month there on two separate occasions. Later, after the death of his mother on August 23, 1910, Ruth returned to St. Mary’s where he remained until 1914 (ESPN.com)

During his time at St.Mary’s he met a man named Brother Matthias, a monk at the school. Matthias liked Ruth from the moment they met. He became the person responsible for teaching him how to play baseball. He worked with him daily along with the others at the school. His influence and concern is what helped Ruth to develop skills he would use to become “Babe, The Great Bambino, and The Sultan of Swat. …show more content…

He hit his first homerun as a professional player on March 7, 1914 in Fayetteville, North Carolina during an intrasquad game while playing shortstop. After only five months of playing in the international league he became a member of the Boston Red Sox as a pitcher. His first official home run was on September 5, 1914. (SI.com). His left handed sidearm style allowed him to make 127 appearances as a pitcher before playing any other position. Only 19 years old , the law at the time proclaimed that George must have a legal guardian sign his baseball contract for him to be eligible play professionally. As a result, Jack Dunn became Ruth's legal guardian, which lead to the fellow teammates to jokingly call Ruth "Dunn's new babe." The joke lasted and Ruth quickly earned the nickname "Babe" Ruth. Over the next five years, Ruth led the Red Sox to three championships, including the 1916 title which saw him pitch a still-record 13 scoreless innings in one

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