Davy Crockett's Accomplishments

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Davy Crockett was an interesting man who loved the outdoors and had was one of the men who gave their life at the Alamo and had many accomplishments.
Davy was born August 17,1786. He grew up poor, so he had to sometimes feed himself. This is where his love for outdoors took place. He would go in the wild woods of Tennessee, and he had a rifle he called “Old Betsy”. He would use the rifle to kill wildlife to bring home to eat the wildlife include Deer, Raccoons, Opossum , and Bear. At the age of 13 he went to school. His dad finally had enough money for Davy to go to school. But one day he got in a fight at school and he ran away once his dad found out. He lived along with anybody who would take him in. when he was 16 he decided to go back home . he arrived and when he got there they didn't recognize him ,but when his sister saw him she knew it was his brother Davy Crockett. In 1825 he was elected Tennessee state legislature. A lot of people liked him he was just a likable guy. He would tell stories of his hunting trips and events in his life. But he didn't get elected for a second term.he decided to take part in the battle of the Alamo. There were only a few hundred soldiers at the alamo so Quan Seguin delivered the message to general Sam Houston, but he told Quan Seguin to stay because it was already too late to send anybody there. So they were there basically to die for the Alamo and they knew it was a great possibility that they were all going to die. Davy Crockett kept their spirits up though, they knew that they were …show more content…

He stood and fought when other had retreated and he may of not won but he did fight and that’s what counts. He was a hero in our eyes he did so much for Texas and he was a fighter and a great man who loved Texas. He will go down as one of the most heroic man who ever lived,he is truly a good man and hero there is no doubting

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