Rifle Essays

  • Rifle Barreleling Research Paper

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    Rifle Barreling (Rifling groove): There are several techniques to boring of rifle barrels wherein the rifle barrel must have groove, and it is summarized as follows below. 1. Single Point Cut: This process cuts one groove at a time, for as many time as required. This process is not popular and is not common anymore. 2. Broached Rifling: In this process, a broaching bit with cutters in a single tool is inserted into the barrel and pulled through. In this process, all the grooves are cut in a single

  • Ruger 10 22 Case Study

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    auto-stacking of edge discharge rifle. It was intended to suit the spots where different rifles can't. All the more with the goal that the barrel slides off the recipient and the significant restriction factor is the way little you can make Ruger 10 22 turns into the National Firearms Act and the required 16+ inch barrel. In any case, for the general population that inclines toward various stock or those that are searching for how to go to SBR course with their rifles, at that point Ruger 10 22 collapsing

  • Persuasive Essay On Hunting

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    problem for you. Always be Legal It 's tempting to test out the waters of hunting to see if you 'll like it before getting a license. Never hunt out of season. You 'll also need to consider whether you 're going to use a bow for your hunting or a rifle. There are different times of the year for those activities based on the area. It 's vital that you check with the state 's wildlife agency for the rules. You 'll also want to ask what the

  • Life Changing Events-Personal Narrative

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    Life changing events are different for everyone. The first time I killed a deer it lit a passion in me for the outdoors and helped me to carry on the tradition of my family. I had gone scouting with my dad prior to this and I had even gone hunting a few times, but I had never killed a deer. I had shot a gun. I knew the loud crack in my ear, the gentle kick back against my shoulder, and I knew how to aim. I was pretty good at lining my target up in the crosshairs. However, the opportunity had

  • Persuasive Gun Control

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    “Yes, people pull the trigger - but guns are the instrument of death. Gun control is necessary, and delay means more death and horror.” ("Eliot Spitzer." BrainyQuote.com. Xplore Inc, 2016. 28, September 2016.) The quote is explaining how guns can lead to many deaths, and the longer gun control is not enforced, as a result more deaths and tragedy there occur. Gun control has been a topic debated for years and still continuing, the same goes to protests. Many crimes are happening around the country

  • Personal Narrative: The Day I Did Hunting With My Dad

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    there are huge deer in there Then it was three o 'clock p:m I was so tired.But I saw a massive buck step out it was a eight point buck.Then we moved to a hayfield and saw a buck it was a nine pointer he was huge.Then I shot him with my 308 rifle with a hollow point shell I was amased. That was my first buck I ever killed. Next we went and got him I had fun

  • Essay On Crossbow

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    A crossbow is a weapon that consists of a prod (similar in appearance to a bow) mounted on a stock similar to a rifle stock, which has a mechanism to wind and shoot its bolts. These bolts are typically called quarrels, and do not depend upon lift as arrows do. Crossbow bolts must be made to have consistent weights as the mechanical process of engaging a bolt forces a more uniform process than that of using a bow and arrow. It is this consistent performance which has made the crossbow historically

  • Personal Narrative: My First Deer Hunting

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    This story is about hunting season and how I got my first my first deer. Last year it was getting near hunting season and my grandpa had offered to take me and my sister up north to go deer hunting during the season I immediately said yes because hunting has always been a big part of my life and I love to go hunting whenever I can. The gun that I was going to be using was savage that was the brand and the caliber was 7mm which was a very powerful bullet me and my grandpa call it the DTR gun because

  • Annie Oakley Essay

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    Annie Oakley Annie Oakley was a famous sharpshooter in the late 1800’s. She became known as one of the leading women of the American west. One of her famous quotes was: “Aim at a high mark and you’ll hit it. No not the first time, not the second and maybe not the third. But keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect. Finally you’ll hit the bull’s-eye of success.” Phoebe Ann Oakley was born on August 13, 1860, in a house built by her father, Jacob and mother Susan, in Darke County

  • Argumentative Essay: Should Children Be Taught Gun Safety?

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    how to use them. A lot of people have guns in the United States so the logical reason is to teach them. Butch Jensen has a good point. If you are going to teach children gun safety, you should start with a lower caliber gun, like a BB gun or a .22 rifle

  • Use Of Weapons In The Civil War

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    Solders carried pistols, muskets, rifles and repeating weapons. During time period new technologies were made. Many different rifles were used in the Civil War. The Burnside carbine, Springfield rifle, Colt revolver rifle, Lorenz rifle, Smith carbine, Tarpley carbine, Spencer repeating rifle, and Whitworth rifle were rifles all used in the war between the North and South. A rifle musket used by both the Union and the Confederates was the 1853 Enfield Rifle Musket (or .577 Enfield) which was

  • Why Do Americans Use Guns In Ww1

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    the U.S. was in the war he wanted to make something quick and easy for the Americans . It was made on May of 1942. It sounded a little bit louder than a regular pistol. It was because it was so old. Another reason it was loud is because it had a rifle barrel which made it loud. It was not designed for rapid repeated fire because the bullets would then become sticky and get jammed in the gun. It looked the way it did because it was for war. It was made

  • Union Vs Confederate Essay

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    sadly on had on very tiny powder mill before the Civil war started so they were a bit behind when the Civil War started. The confederate unlike the union did not have the repeater rifle like the north did. The Confederate did have the cannons and rifles to help them out (Steven Channing 64-65). With the new types of rifles, musket, and the brand new repeater type guns the tactics of their war would have to change to fit the new equipment the Union and the Confederate both had. They both had to start

  • Persuasive Essay On Cleaning A Gun

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    As Game Bird Hunts once said, ”You might have a particular gun you prefer for bird hunting, but we all agree that having a gun that we love is something we can treasure for a lifetime.” To some people there is nothing like going out into the woods or grassland and knocking that awesome bird. Cleaning of a shotgun is extremely easy, there are three steps, those three steps are Gathering the supplies, the second step is to start cleaning the gun, and the final step is to clean up after you are done

  • Mori Tessan Deer On Rock Analysis

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    When I started taking nitro to Asian art and found out that we were to write a paper about an Asian art piece at the Nelson-Atkins Museum I knew exactly what type of art work I wanted to write about and that would be a hanging scroll with ink on paper or silk. There were many beautifully crafted art pieces but there was one more noteworthy to me such as, Mori Tessan Deer on Rock. Mori Tessan (alt. Tetsuzan) (1775–1841) was born in Osaka, and was the son of Mori Shuho, elder brother of Mori Sosen

  • Survival Knife Research Paper

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    Survival knives will help you if you are lost in the jungle, lost in the woods or even at home. These knives come in different styles and with different attachments or accessories. Most knives have stainless steel blades or high carbon steel blades. High carbon steel knives are very sturdy and will maintain a very sharp edge. The military presents these type of knives when going out on tactical duty so that they can feed themselves and cut their way through the brush. These knives are great for cleaning

  • Hoyt Trykton Research Paper

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    If you are a fan of archery or a jungle-trekker who loves hunting, the fully functional Hoyt Trykton sport bow package is all you need. The bow package includes a Hoyt Trykon compound bow, a QAD HDX arrow rest, a braided bow sling, a G5 five-pin fiber optic micro-adjustable bow sight, and a string loop and string silencers. There is also the newly added winner 's choice string and cables. The Hoyt Trykon Sport package is a great way to get younger people involved in the wonderful sport of archery

  • Rooster Cogburn Character Analysis

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    Heroes are often plastic characters that only know how to be a hero and nothing else. They do not have any other qualities about them and are one dimensional. These types of characters can only show up in fictional stories and never appear in the real world. The only kind of heroes that do show up in the real world are the ones that still make mistakes and mess up a few times, but that is because we are human and that is what humans do. Rooster Cogburn having qualities of a buffoon and a hero, makes

  • 2nd Amendment Research Paper

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    We still have firearms, but they are exponentially more dangerous. Some of the most advanced and legal firearms today are rifles that can shoot 30 bullets in 3 seconds. Those bullets can also sometimes go through metal and even armor. I know a man who even has a rifle that could make a hole in a tank. There are some benefits of the evolution of firearms, for example the speed of the projectile and the projectile itself. In 1791, a musket ball

  • Essay On Hunting Rifle

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    Hunting Rifles and their Maintenance Hunting is an art, and art requires great care to its details. The more meticulous you are, the more likely for you to gain success and joy from such activity. Just like brushes in painting, or instruments in music, the hunting rifles are tools that must be focused on the most, as it is definitely one of the most important. The following are some of the ways you can use to maintain your hunting rifles, for the purpose of keeping them topped off. 1. Home cleaning