Bow Hunting Research Paper

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The Argument

Bow hunting is a much more challenging sport than rifle. Some people will argue that, but there is no denying it is more difficult.

Bow Hunting

The seasons for bow hunting throughout the year are longer than rifle. However, some people don’t realize how hard it is to actually bow hunt. The game must be close enough for a kill shot. If it’s too far then there is no reason to take a shot. Patience is a key factor in this particular type of hunting. If the hunter gets too anxious, then he might scare the animal away, but there is a way to fix that. Many hunters wear ghillie suits. These suits will make the hunter blend in with his surroundings. However, they can be annoying and sometimes get in the way of the shot.

Rifle Hunting

To some people rifle hunting isn’t fair for the animals, because it’s a high-powered weapon and can kill them …show more content…

When the gun fires it puts all the momentum back into the shoulder. If the user holds the gun properly then it won’t hurt as bad.


Bow season starts in September and ends in January. So throughout the season the weather will change dramatically. At the start of the season the hunter might wear a t-shirt and pants, but when November rolls around it might be several layers. Then when January hits it will be lots of insulated and thick clothing. However, rifle season is only a week and a half in December and a week in January. By then it will be snowy and cold. So warm clothes will defiantly have to be used.

When purchasing a rifle the gun isn’t the only thing that the buyer will buy. They will also pay for a top-notch scope and most likely a case to go with it. Another thing would be a cleaning kit and throughout the years they will buy countless rounds of ammo. A box of bullets these days are going for about $20 minimum depending on the gun. So throughout a hunter’s lifetime they will spend thousands of dollars to do what they

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