Argumentative Essay: Pro-Hunting

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Pro-Hunting Argument To hunt or not to hunt, many see it as a negative and its being cruel to animals. Other think if humans keep hunting, animals are going to go extinct. But what many don’t know is how much hunting helps animals and the conservation of animals. People that don’t know what really is going on they always head toward the negative. I’m Going to explain how hunting helps wildlife and how Hunting permits are good because they help maintain animal conservation. Hunting permits cost money. The money raises depending on the size of the game and location. People will bid thousand close to millions just to go hunt a trophy animal as stated on The Rhino Hunter, “paid $350,000 for a hunting trip to Namibia to shoot and kill an endangered species”. Yes sometimes they do go hunt endangered species but what people don’t know is they go hunt the older animals, the animals that bring danger to the rest of the species. These bids all the money that …show more content…

That hunting is cruel and that they shouldn 't just be killed because their older animals. But these will be people that don’t really get how much their helping out wildlife. Would they rather have just one animal put down by a human, or have three or more animals of the same species killed by the one animal that a human could of put down. The hunters will also not try make the animal suffer that 's not human nature. They will do their best to make sure the animal goes down as quickly as possible for it not to suffer. With this I hope that people understand more of how much animal hunting permits help out wildlife. For people to understand what 's really going on when these hunters pay all the money they pay to go hunt a animal. Stop people to just see a negative side and understand these hunters that are trying help wildlife in their way. All the habitats , and breeding programs that come from these hunting permits to help

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