Persuasive Essay: Should Trophy Hunting Be Banned?

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Every year hundreds of wild, exotic animals are killed, primarily in Africa, for money, bragging rights, and even decoration. Big game trophy hunting is a booming business, but has sparked a worldwide debate, especially after the killing of Cecil the Lion. Trophy hunters claim they are helping conservation efforts, but in reality, they are harming them. This sport is damaging the overall population of a species, especially lions, rhinos, and elephants. Also, the overall revenue from big game hunting is a small amount, and only a small percent of that goes to help the community. Although some countries have banned trophy hunting, they continue to allow “canned hunting” in which animals are bred to be hunted.Big game hunting takes a turn for the worse when it becomes canned hunting, or when it can be linked to poaching. People all over the world are voicing their opinion on the sport, legal or illegal. Big game trophy hunting is an unethical game, and this sport should be banned in more countries. An ongoing debate regarding trophy hunting, is can …show more content…

Supporters claim that their sport helps conservation efforts and helps bring money to the communities in which they are hunting from. Opposers claim that occasionally there is a fine line between trophy hunting and poaching, because much of it is illegal. They also claim that only a small percent of the money made goes to help conservation efforts, and it causes a decrease in the wild life population. I consider myself as an opposer in most cases. I don’t believe it is our job to decide whether an animal should live or die, and I don’t see how killing an animal is supposed to help the population. In the long run, killing these animals will only result in endangerment of the species. I don’t see the wrong with hunting for food and/or hunting for survival. However, hunting to control population or simply for bragging rights, is what I considered

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