Benefits Of Hunting Essay

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Hunting Benefits All
Hunting is seen by some present-day people as crooked and dishonorable, while it is really the act of protecting the health of animals for the future. Hunting is a simple and beneficial way to help animals in ways that some people may not understand. What people may not know is that “...the majority of the American public supports hunting even if they don’t personally participate, with about 79 percent of adult Americans nationwide indicating they approve of legal hunting” (“Understanding Hunting”). This percentage of people know the true value of hunting and the betterment it has on our world today. Hunting is a very logical and beneficial way to help animals, along with the hunters themselves. It is also a way for those …show more content…

If the world today gave up hunting, wildlife would become non existent and animals would struggle to thrive due to disease and overpopulation. Outdoorsmen also gain plentiful amount of experience while hunting. They gain relationships, knowledge of the outdoors, and they maintain an old tradition and keep it alive and thriving. In the future hunting may become an even more pressing and controversial subject; however, we must do everything in our power to keep hunting alive. Hunting has a deeper meaning to some people and to take that away from them is in some ways inhumane. In addition, the detrimental wildlife issues that would emerge if hunting were no longer an option to keep animal populations under control would increase significantly. The idea of keeping hunting alive is crucial to keep our wildlife safe. Hunting may not apply to all people in the world, but it has to be done. In today’s world there is no other possible way to manage our wildlife in such an effective manner as we do it now. What people need to realize and accept is the fact that hunting does not harm the animals as severely as leaving them to overpopulate does. There would be more problems that would present themselves in the future if nothing was done to prevent them now. Henceforth hunting should be acknowledged as a benevolent act that conserves wildlife, promotes personal growth for people who hunt, and maintains

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