Why Should Sport Hunting Be Illegal?

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“Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they are in the game.” (Paul Rodriguez) makes it least that animals are not aware of the fact that they are being hunted. According to Britannica.com, hunting was a necessity in early history. Early hunting for sport was for rulers and their nobles, those having the most leisure and wealth. Hunting is defined as the act of killing or taking down a creature. Killing is a synonym of murdering, and murdering is a crime. Some may say that hunting can provide food, which is a necessity for humans, or that is one way for them to make money. Despite these facts, some people are selfish enough to exceed their wants and hunt down animals for pleasure. That is why, sport hunting should be made illegal because hunting destroys animals ’wildlife habitats and hunting contributes to their extinction.
Sport hunting should be made illegal because hunting contributes to the destruction of wildlife habitats. According to Icanimal.org, hunters manipulate animals’ habitat by burning and bulldozing forests to increase the food supply for target species. This proves the point that hunters do not only hunt for food supply, but they also hunt specific species of animals.
This also proves the point that these hunters are destroying forests for excess supply of food while is already supplied by farming. Some may disagree that hunting’s purpose is to hunt the animals only and not to destroy their ecosystem which is true sometimes. They agree

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