Essay On Ethical Hunting

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The concept of ethical hunting has been around for some time and it is important that all hunters have an understanding of its principles and practice them when in the field. Ethical hunting means that a person knows and respects the game hunted, follows the law and behaves in a way that will satisfy what society expects of a hunter. Ethical hunters are familiar with the places they hunt, the wildlife that live there and the way they should behave when hunting. Practicing ethical hunting techniques in the field will ensure that you get the most out of your hunting experience and will assist to secure the future of your recreational activity. There are three key aspects to ethical hunting: 1.)Knowing and respecting the game: understanding the deer and their habitat, and treating them fairly and with respect. 2.)Obeying …show more content…

Bring out as much meat as you can and ensure that the carcass is not left near a road, track or a waterway. Never shoot an animal if you know you cannot carry it out. Avoid wasting a valuable game resource. Prepare game quickly and never leave game to waste. It is also important to respect the views of other members of the community when transporting trophies and other parts of harvested deer. Never display a deer on the way home. Wherever possible, cover the carcass and head with a blanket or tarpaulin. Respect the habitat Quality habitat is the key to a healthy population of game and other wildlife. When camping, make sure you set up at least 20 meters away from rivers or waterbodies and wherever possible, bring your own firewood from home. Never cut down trees or shrubs (alive or dead) for use as firewood. You should also be careful that your fuel or rubbish does not pollute streams and waterways. Clean up litter and waste and take it home with you. If you come across someone else's rubbish, remove it and deposit it at an appropriate place. Respect the opinions of

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