Argumentative Essay On Killing Animals

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Killing Animals In the present, the world has changed in many sides. One of changing is numbers of killing animals are increasing continuous. Many people think what are reasons for this acting? These acting are a bad behavior and cruelty. The important thing is human who killed those animals. There are many positive aspects about killing animal but there are also some negative aspects. Thus this essay discusses both side of issue. On the one hand, some people are favorable for killing animals. It has many opinions why they have accepted. Their reasons with cruelty make them get many benefits such as nutrient, knowledge, safety, prevention, and money. The first reason for killing animals is humans killed them for consuming such as pork made from pigs, beef made from cows, and lamp made from sheep. Human’s life exists to cause by plants and animals. Meat of animals gives protein to body. They killed animals for getting nutritional value. Human’s demand for animal is fast growing in the moment. Shop and buffet about meat have increase follow their demand. Dimitrios Chaniotis is manager and researcher that has written article about Is it moral or immoral to kill animals? He said that “At the end, the fact is we have to eat something alive or even that is a natural law to kill in order to survive”( Chaniotis, D, 2017) This quote represents that he accepted in this acting. The short meaning that killing animals is behavior for survived. Moreover, killing animals for food has

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