Persuasive Essay: Why Should Zoos Should Be Banned

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Zoos Should Be Banned Imagine you are five years old, someone breaks into your home, kills your aunt and possibly your older brother in the process of kidnapping you. You are separated from your loved ones, leaving your mother in severe pain and grief. You are taken somewhere unknown, imprisoned in a cell where people come watch you for their own entertainment. This is exactly how animals held captive in zoos and sea-parks feel. Zoos generally hold a variety of animals for public display, also known as “zoological parks.” On the other hand, sea-parks, hold fish and amphibians. These parks that exhibit animals are inhumane and barbaric. Vulnerable creatures are being abused daily and few seem to care about this issue. Zoos and sea-parks should be banned and …show more content…

In fact, “most of the members found in zoos are not endangered or threatened species, only 18% actually are” (Zoos Hurt Conservation). In fact, many of the animals being bred are babies because that is what brings visitors. Another clear reason that such parks are for profit. The few that do face extinction, including elephants, polar bears, gorillas, tigers, and chimpanzees will never be released into the wild to strengthen diminishing populations (An Idea). Parks claim that conservation is the main reason they are open, but nearly half of all organizations spend 1% of their revenues in conservation (Zoos Hurt Conservation). So what does that really say about zoos and sea-parks? Ultimately, zoos and sea-parks should be banned. The limited space given to animals is not enough for any of them, it is like being imprisoned. The enclosures lack plenty of the nature found in wildlife. Being held captive leads animals to have abnormal behaviors that unfortunately can lead to the deaths of people. Although zoos and sea-parks claim they are all about educating the public and conservation we know its

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