Should Zoos And Aquariums Should Be Banned?

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Imagine living in the perfect home, the place you’ve always lived with friends, family and thousands of miles to roam around and explore. Only to wake up in a cage with the eyes of humans glaring and the flash of cameras reflecting off the glass wall. It looks like home, but the grass is fake, family and friends are gone, food only comes at certain times and the only roaming there is to do remains in the area of the closure. This is the life of an animal that goes from being wild and free to captive in zoos and aquariums. Zoos and aquariums are institutions that capture live animals and keep them in cages or large enclosures for public exhibition. To this day, zoos and aquariums are not banned, but that has not stopped people from fighting for the freedom and rights of animals. The debate between whether zoos and aquariums should banned or not has become an ongoing issue and still is today. Although zoos and aquariums do contribute to the economy, they should be banned because animals in captivity suffer from starvation and health issues, often die prematurely, and can easily cause harm to people due to be kept in confined areas. Many people argue that zoos and aquariums are beneficial because they contribute a great amount of income to the economy. According to the “Zoo and Aquarium Statistics” by, the statistics state, “Accredited zoos and aquarium contributed more than $22.5 billion to U.S. economy in 2016” (“Zoos and Aquariums”). Although this statement is

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