There Should Not Be Zoos Essay

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There should not be zoos. Thousand of animals every year struggle with the same problem, being locked up. Although this may seem like a questionable argument, this is a major problem in this world and it needs to be fixed now. In this essay there should not be zoos because they make animals unhealthy, they treat animals badly, and animals are better off in the wild.

The first reason why there shouldn 't be zoos is because they make animals unhealthy. For example, animals live longer in the wild rather than in zoos. Studies have proven that elephants live longer in the wild rather than in zoos (Lin). This means that because zoos make animals unhealthy, they live a shorter life. Another way that zoos make animals unhealthy is that they make animals live in small habitats causing health problems. Animals in captivity at zoos constantly struggle with problems including stress, boredom, and confinement (Lin). This piece of evidence explains that small habitats in zoos conclude to many health problems. The last way that zoos make …show more content…

For example, they capture animals in the wild so that they can be put in there own zoos. in 2006, a zoo imported 33 monkeys who had been illegally trafficked by poachers in Africa (Smith). This means that animals Are being taken away from there natural habitat just so they can be put in zoos. Additionally, animals are not usually released back into the wild. Animals in zoos are released back into the wild only 26% of the time (Lin). This explains that animals have a small chance of going back to the wild. To add on to that, Some zoos don’t provide the things that animals animals need. A bear starved to death at the Toledo Zoo after zoo officials lock her up to hibernate without food or water (Baker). This piece of evidence means that zoos sometimes don’t give animals the things that they need. There should not be zoos because they treat animal

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