Animal Essays

  • Animals In Wild Animals

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    that polar bears, birds, and bees are specific animals that deem worthy of protection. Mooallem provides many examples of people who give reasoning as to why we should help preserve these animals. Mooallem uses these specific people’s backgrounds to show the difference of opinions between someone who has knowledge of the animal, versus someone that only adores the animal because of the animals looks. For instance, bears have evolved from scary animals that humans feared,

  • Persuasive Animal Animals

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    so many great animals that are in shelters that need love and affection but everyone wants an animal that is a baby and a certain breed. Every animal deserves a second chance. If you were to adopt an animal, you would be changing an animals life. Shelters have a kill list to where the animal will get euthanized in a period of time. Animals may be euthanized because they are old or even if the shelter think they look unadoptable. Along with animals looking unadoptable or old, if animals were once adopted

  • Animals In Captivity

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    Right as I entered the gates of the animal kingdom, the sight of colorful birds, the sound of children’s laughter and the smell of the earthly animals intensified my excitement even more. Seeing elephants, tigers and many more wild animals in person had made my overall experience unforgettable. But as we begin to unravel the hidden truth about zoos, we begin to ask ourselves if it is ethical to continue to support places like zoos in keeping innocent animals in captivity. The ongoing controversy

  • Animal Overpopulation Of Animals

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    Animal overpopulation of companion animals has been a huge issue in the US for a long time. I didn’t realize how big of an issue this was until about age 11 when I noticed how bad they get treated when they are not taken care of. I am so excited to tell people how they can solve this problem. I have helped with this issue in many ways. I have 2 kittens that we saved on the highway, a momma kitty who had her 2 babies under our house, 1 cat that was roaming our neighborhood and 1 cat from a drive through

  • Animal Essay: Fun Facts About Animals

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    Fun facts about Animals Fun realities about animals and other creatures that the children will love. Children love animals and they tend to recollect and remember facts about animals, if presented to them in a fun manner. Youngsters will love these fun trivia about creepy crawlies, animals, and winged creatures. If these facts are presented to them in this way, they stimulate and fortify the kids’ minds and leave an effect on their psyche as well. The facts on animals displayed here are one of a

  • Animal Cruelty: Animal Abuse

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    More than 7.6 million animals are abused, killed, and abandoned every year in the United States alone. This is a real problem that needs attention brought to it in order to solve it. Animal cruelty is when a person purposely chooses to hurt an animal or does not take care of the animal. It is illegal to be cruel and abusive to an animal but people still decide to mistreat animals. There are many reasons why a person is cruel to an animal, those include: the person was mistreated as a child and that

  • Animal Roles And Relationships In The Animal Kingdom

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    Cats and dogs are the basic rivals of the animal kingdom. We as people have always compared these two animals as enemies, but what happens when newly born kittens do not have a feline mother to nurse them, but instead a dog that has just had puppies of her own? The species in the Animal Kingdom works in many unusual roles and relationships in order to survive. In the first article, “Animal Roles and Relationships” it expresses that when a wolf pup is born, the whole wolf pack pitches in to help teach

  • Animal Conservation In Zoos

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    frequency due to increased regulation, more knowledge about animal care, and decreased visitor rates. Zoos have existed for thousands of years and only recently have strict regulations been enforced. In zoos earliest state, zoos were reserved solely for the monarchs. The earliest zoo

  • Animal Essay: Animal Cruelty And Captivity

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    Animal Cruelty and Captivity Animals kept in zoos, aquariums, and circuses are treated poorly by humans. They inevitably suffer from disease, pain, starvation, and fear so they will perform seamlessly for the public. The pets are forced by their owners to carry out pointless tricks and performances and are almost always deprived of their normal behavior (Aquariums and Marine Parks). Animals are ripped away from their families and out of their natural habitat by zoo, aquarium, and circus workers

  • Essay On Exotic Animals

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    Do you like animals because I do. There 's one thing though our idea of animals may be different as to where you might like dogs and I like Hyenas. Yeah that took a big turn there. Let me tell you why you should join my side. First wild/exotic animals can have a great learning experience for you or anyone who hasn 't had experience with a animal like that. They also can be domesticated/pre-trained in captivity to free them of their natural instincts. Do you or some of your family members have allergies

  • Animal Cruelty

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    Animal Cruelty and Captivity Animals kept in zoos aquariums, and circuses are treated poorly by humans and inevitably suffer from disease, pain, starvation, and fear so they will perform seamlessly for the public. Animals are forced by their owners to carry out pointless tricks and performances and are almost always deprived of their normal behavior (Aquariums and Marine Parks). Animals are ripped away from their families and out of their natural habitat by zoo, aquarium, and circus workers and

  • Inequalities In Animal Farm

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    Everyone is the same, everyone is equal, we all know the sames things, or so we thought. The animals in Animal Farm were being told these things when really there was a massive inequality. When the animals began to rebel to gain their freedom from the humans they were told that life without the dictating humans would be so much better. The animals agreed that life would be less stressful and laborious but little did they know that the rebellion would end with their society falling. When creating

  • Exotic Animals

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    exotic animals has become more mainstream among Americans over the past few years. These animals can cost a lot of money and could end up becoming dangerous in the later years of their lives. Though others may argue that they are completely safe and innocent creatures, most of them are ravenous without the proper care and training. The fact is that wild animals are wild animals, and they will always have certain instincts that will cause them to do actions on an impulse. Owning an exotic animal is a

  • Animal Testing On Animals

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    Animals lives matter. Animals are an important aspect of life on earth. Animal testing can lead to animal extinction, decrease in certain species, and is all around not healthy for animals. Animals are tested on by cosmetic brands, household product brands and self care product and brands as well. Clorox, M.A.C Cosmetics, Johnson & Johnson, and many more popular brands test their products on animals. ( Having these things tested on any

  • The Controversy Of Animal Experimentation

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    Animal Experimentation Animal experimentation has been practiced for centuries. Humans have always used other living beings for their benefits weather its consuming them, making unnecessary cloths out them such as fur, experimenting and using them as entertainment like in the circus. The treatments these animals experience is beyond inhumane. There are many different experiments done on these animals for human safety, these tests are for cosmetic industries, medical training, testing drug or different

  • Animal Experimentation

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    Animal Experimentation for Medical Development The use of animals for medical research has been around for centuries, it is not a new concept and there is a deep passion for and against this practice. This topic intertwines a great deal of emotion and facts, which takes solid evidence to distinguish between the two. There is the scientific view and the view of ordinary people who challenge the morality of animal experimentation. Many of these practices have shown a negative effect on the animals

  • Animal Testing For Animals Essay

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    So where do they get these animals? Dogs and cats may be purchased from dog pounds or puppy mills. They may be caught in the wild or animals from an overpopulated zoo. Some species were driven to near extinction. Trapping wild monkeys in India diminished entire populations of them. Transport of monkeys is harsh, They are shoved into tiny crates and shipped without food or water many times. After being bought the animal will be moved in to cells and await the testing. They are out in isolation in

  • Compare And Contrast Essay On Animal Shelter Vs Animal Shelters

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    would always go to our local animal shelter and adopt animals. Adopting animals and being able to give them a forever home was such a rewarding feeling. Just walking in and seeing how excited the animals got seeing us was exciting. Animal shelters are usually cheap when adopting animals. The adoption comes with lots of benefits for your new animal. With adoption, people are saving lots of unwanted, mistreated animals and giving them a forever home. The goal of animal shelters is to save the lives

  • Invertebrate Animals: Cephalopoda

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    Cephalopoda Introduction: Invertebrate animals which belong to mollusks which means “head foot” and characterized by large head and modified feet. This group includes octopuses, squid, cuttlefish and nautiluses. Members of cephalopods are characterized by their ability to quick change their color as well as changing the texture and shape of their bodies as a means of camouflage. Today there are about 800 living marine species of cephalopods which are found in all of the world’s oceans, from the

  • Animal Amendments In 'Animal Farm' By George Orwell

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    In the book “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, a band of animals oust their ‘tyrannistic’ master in order to live better lives. In order to do so, the animals establish an entirely new concept of living called animalism and also establish amendments in order to live by. Such amendments include those that specify all animals are equal and whatever goes on four legs is a friend and whatever goes on two legs is an enemy. As the book progresses, the animals seem to slowly fade away from obeying the commandments