Are Zoos Ethical Essay

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Are zoos good or bad? Most people think that they are good… but they just do not know about the other side of zoos. Female african elephants live 17 years in zoos but when they are in the wild they live 56 years. Zoos are unethical and should let all there animals out because they are bad for humans, hurt and separate animals, and Unhealthy for animals. Zoos are bad for humans, most people do not believe it but zoos are not educating us, they are hurting us. Evidence for zoos are bad for humans is, in 2013, a zookeeper in Missouri was killed when he was knocked to the ground by an elephant, he died instantly.(Estrada). This reason this matters is because zoo animals are killing people, and that would not happen as often if they were left in the wild. Animals in films are not as nice as they are on camera. For example, the orca featured in the film “Blackfish,” is responsible for three human deaths. This proves wild animals, despite being wondrous and beautiful, can be dangerous in captivity. (Estrada). Lastly, the price it takes to …show more content…

To start, Zoos make animals in confinement hurt each other. According to animals hurt each other. when they are in confinement together. This is bad because if the animals hurt each other they could kill each other or severely injure each other. animals even get ill because of zoos.( says they get sick and even starve themselves. The reasons why this is bad is because they are forced to go through unnatural things for animals. To illustrate, they are forced to go through temperatures that humans are good with.(indoor zoos) Or they even have to deal with the hot summers.(outdoor zoos)(Heat Stroke)(Schoolworkhelper Editorial Team). The last form of evidence is zoos sometimes kill healthy animals. According to the BBC, between 3,000 and 5,000 healthy zoo animals are killed in Europe every

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