Pros And Cons Of Zoos

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Zoos have been around since the eighteenth century. A zoo is defined as a compound where wild animals are kept for viewing and studying. The purpose of a zoo is mainly for education and protection, preserving animal species that are either at a risk of becoming extinct or for increased collection size (Jamieson). Animals from around the world have been enclosed in an area where we can admire and study these fine creatures. However, many modern zoos around the world have introduced animal shows, petting and feeding sessions to attract more visitors in order to earn more money. This leads to many concerns from the public on the physical and mental impacts of captivity on the wild animals. This essay examines the advantages and disadvantages of zoos to lead us to a possible conclusion whether it is ethical to place animals in captivity. We will also examine if zoos have the best possible facilities to keep animals in captivity. Body One of the advantages of having zoos, is to provide protection to some animals that are endangered. Animals such as the Tiger, Pandas and African Chimpanzees are kept inside zoos in order to preserve their species and prevent them from going extinct. They are well protected from their predators which allows them to breed and, hopefully, repopulate their species in order to keep their species alive. One of the examples is that zoos implemented International Breeding Programs in order to help these endangered species breed. As the numbers of that

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