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Can any type of captivity be considered good? The article, “Captive Wildlife Sanctuaries: Definition, Ethical Considerations and Public Perception”, by Catherine Doyle relates to the story, “Bloodchild”, by Octavia Butler in the way that they deal with captivity in both worlds. In the article, “Captive Wildlife Sanctuaries: Definition, Ethical Considerations and Public Perception”, it discusses how animals are held captive by humans. In the story “Bloodchild”, the Terrans are held captive by the T’lics. In the article, it gives light to the issue that animals are under full control of humans and are held captive against their will in places like zoos and circuses. Captivity is a major issue and strips animals of their freedom. In captivity, …show more content…

The T’lic forced the humans to have their children and took away their freedom and right of choice. When it came to Terran and T’lic, T’Gotai “knew how to manipulate people” (Butler). The T’lic knew how to manipulate the Terrans into doing what they wanted, without the humans knowing they were being manipulated, just like how humans manipulate animals in circuses. Humans relied on the T’lic for everything because of the relationship they shared and the way that humans are used to being under control of the T’lic. When a Terran, Bram Lomas, was injured T’Gotai knew “he needs T’Khotgif Teh” (Butler). Just like in true sanctuaries, the T’lic created relationships with the Terran so the captivity would not be as bad, but the Terrans still fully rely on the T’lic for everything, which is not good. Although the T’lic do have the Terrans held captive, they do give them a good life. It is scary for the Terrans to know that “only [T’Gotai] stood between [the humans] and that desperation that could so easily swallow [them]” (Butler). Although the T’lic sheltered the humans and shielded them from the outside world, making them think that it was a bad and scary place, they still gave the humans a good life and many benefits, which is just like what humans do to animals in true

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