Seaworld Captivity Essay

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SeaWorld is a billion dollar company based in the U.S. They specialise in the taking care of animals, such as killer whales, dolphins and sea lions. They have over 67,000 animals in their care and are rescuing more and more every day. Despite common belief, SeaWorld does not abuse the animals themselves. The workers of SeaWorld try their best every single day to look after every species of animal, and in return, are now being hassled and abused for it. Although being held in captivity is not the best way for an animal to spend their life, it has its benefits. Without these animals being cared for by SeaWorld, many of them would be dead. SeaWorld has a rescue program, in which they recuperate thousands of sick marine and land based animals every year. They do not seize healthy animals for captivity.
Many people will argue that SeaWorld trainers are performers rather than biologists, when in reality, they must now pass a certain amount of tests and examinations before coming in contact with any animal. They also only care about the fact that SeaWorld keep Orcas in captivity, but will have no problem with a zoo. This is hypocritical and unfair, as, just like zoos, SeaWorld contribute …show more content…

I, myself, have been to SeaWorld and have seen the way the animals are treated, with love and respect. Although it is terrible to see such beautiful animals out of their natural habitat, SeaWorld are unable to return them to their homes, as for many animals in the SeaWorld parks, it is their home. Many animals in captivity, such as the infamous Tilikum and Katina, are now too old to be returned to the sea, and frankly, too big. Many of these whales were in fact captured by fishermen many years ago, and have lived in a tank since, but to remove them from the environment at this stage in their life is unfair and would cause great trauma to

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