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  • Meaning And Meaning Of Wildlife

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    CHAPTER:2 MEANING AND DEFINITION OF WILDLIFE, NEED FOR WILDLIFE CONSERVATION, PURPOSES OF SANCTUARIES AND NATIONAL PARKS 2.1 Meaning of Wildlife Most of us think that the term wildlife includes only wild, terrestrial or a aquatic animals living in forests or water such as lions, tigers, leopards, beers, rhinoceros, elephants, deers, etc. but in fact it includes all the living organisms i.e. plants, animals and micro-organisms living in their natural habitat in wild state other than the cultivated

  • Wildlife Conservation

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    OF WILDLIFE HABITAT Government of India provides technical and financial support to the States and Union Territories for Wildlife Conservation under various centrally sponsored Schemes. Integrated Development of Wild Life Habitat Scheme 2009 is one of such Scheme which aimed at wildlife conservation. The Scheme has following three components: Support to Protected Areas(PA) which includes National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries Conservation Reserves and Community Reserves; Protection of Wildlife outside

  • Essay On Wildlife Ecosystem

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    Illegal wildlife trade According to Interpol, illegal wildlife trade could be valued at $32 billion and is one of the fastest growing trades in the world. 6. Man-animal conflict As humans move deeper into forests, for grazing and felling trees, chances of conflict between both sides’

  • The Pros And Cons Of Wildlife Protection

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    There are several legislations governing wildlife protection in United State. Among them are Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA), Lacey Act 1900, Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA), Eliminate, Neutralize and Disrupt (END) Wildlife Trafficking Act. US is also a signatory to Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). The widely recognized and best-known wildlife protection law in US is the ESA which has currently listed approximately 2,300 species including foreign species.

  • Essay On Illegal Wildlife Trading

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    illegal wildlife trading be continued in South East Asia? If you have ever visited Southeast Asia at least once in your life, you will probably remember visiting a zoo or a Safari Park to watch all the tropical animals in a very cheap price. South East Asia has almost 64% of the entire world’s wildlife population. Wildlife use is one of the biggest income South East Asia countries including Thailand get from foreign countries. Wild life is used in various businesses such as Zoos and wildlife exhibitions

  • Wildlife Conservation Research Paper

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    towards major wildlife issues and promotes wildlife research projects. This foundation works for protection of other regions such as Bandhavgarh, Kutch and Kanha as well. 8. Wildlife Institute of India:- Wildlife Institute of India (WII) was established in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India in 1982 with an aim to provide training and courses, and promote wildlife research and management. WII is actively involved in research of biodiversity and major wildlife issues in India. 9. Wildlife Protection Society

  • Essay On Wildlife Preservation

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    Definition of Wildlife The term wildlife means different things to different people. To a backyard wildlife enthusiast, it may mean chickadees, nuthatches, and cardinals. To a hunter, it may mean white-tailed deer, bobwhite quail, and gray squirrels. To a sheep producer, it may mean coyotes. To a poultry producer, it may mean mink, weasels, skunks, and raccoons. To a gardener, it may mean hummingbirds and butterflies. However, it is important to identify and define the meaning of the term wildlife. The term

  • Pros And Cons Of Wildlife Conservation

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    Wildlife Conservation is often seen as a bad thing, but if you look at it from my perspective, then it is actually a good thing. People think of it as holding wild animals captive, but we are actually protecting them from poachers. The purpose of Wildlife Conservation is to protect the animals in danger, which I am in agreement 110%. Other people argue that we shouldn’t have conservations, but they don’t know the harm that can happen to unprotected animals. Now, there are some cons to wildlife conservation

  • Importance Of Wildlife Tourism In India

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    WILDLIFE TOURISM INDIA India has vast expanses of forest areas that have been reserved as sanctuaries and Protected Areas (PAs) for conservation of its varied wildlife. Encroachment of human population has led the government to adopt stringent measures to protect and propel the wildlife population. This has given a significant rise to wildlife tourism in India. What is Wildlife Tourism in India? India is truly a unique country when we consider the variety of eco-systems and the types of forest that

  • Persuasive Speech On Wildlife Conservation

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    Imagine you live in a world where there are no plants, forest, animals, or oceans all there is in where these things us to be is concrete, landfills of garbage, and buildings. This is what will transpire if we do not protect or wildlife, wildlife conservation is a very important situation as it helps keeps plants and animals off the endangered list. According to the World Wild Life organization there are twenty-six endangered animals and twenty-one critically endangered animals this is very overwhelming

  • Wildlife And Wildlife: The Importance Of Wildlife Conservation

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    INTRODUCTION “Wildlife preservation is a pattern in which multitude attempt to protect endangered plant and animal species, along with their home ground s. The goal is to ensure that nature will be around for future coevals to enjoy, and to recognize the importance of wildlife and wilderness ground to humans. Many Carry Nation have political science means dedicated to this practice, and they can help to implement policies designed to protect wildlife. There are also many independent non-lucre organizations

  • The Benefits Of Keeping Animals In Zoos

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    are part of this planet as well. It is not only humans who live in the world. If we could only relate to the animals who are imprisoned in zoos, then the whole human population would more than likely release the animals because of the conditions. Wildlife parks and zoos do not keep animals safe, do not provide education, and do not protect endangered species. To be concluded, we need to do our best to ban zoos for they only teach us that it’s okay to keep animals in captivity far away from their home

  • Negative Effects Of Zoos

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    broken spirits” (Within the prison walls of every zoo and circus). Zoos are where endangered species or different species around the world are sent for conservation and may be “protected” by zookeepers or studied by scientists. Wildlife creatures that are currently in wildlife parks are living in monstrous hell compared to what their natural habitats are. Humanity is paying to see animal abused in front of massive crowds that include children, adults, and elderly of all ages. The community views animals

  • Essay On Zoos And Aquariums

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    Zoos and Aquariums Eyes at every corner and curiosity for the world's animals, many citizens visit zoos and aquariums in wonder of the world. While citizens may be visiting the animals, animal activists lurk around in the crowd creating articles and taking notes for environmental concern. Although there is general concern as to whether animals have access to the right living conditions, Association of zoos and aquariums (AZA) and World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) seeks to positively

  • The Importance Of Lemurs

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    Did you know that there is numerous species that are endangered and becoming extinct? One terrestrial mammal that is experiencing threats to their extinction are lemurs, this jeopardized spices' is most common in our zoos today then in the wildlife. African islands including Madagascar is their natural habitat, and studies demonstrate that is their only home in the world because the geographical location is isolated. There are different kinds of lemurs and some of the most common ones that we know

  • Wild Life Conservation Essay

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    longevity of wildlife. Here is the list of some very dedicated organizations and initiatives which are walking that extra mile to protect the animals in India. For all the animal lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and in fact, for all of us, these initiatives should serve as inspiration. 1. Project Tiger:- Project Tiger is a scheme centrally sponsored by the Ministry of

  • Importance Of Animals In Zoos

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    of wild animals? Is poaching and illegal wildlife trade beneficial? Although many people would say that zoo and circus animals have a great life, it is not true. Why? Animals are kept in captivity, and forced to live in a strange and unknown place far away from their natural habitat. Also, in the circuses and zoos they are treated badly. In my essay, I am going to investigate the lives of animals in zoos and circuses, and the connection with illegal wildlife trade. As children, everybody loves going

  • Birds Poaching In A Mockingbird

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    by poachers in Tripura’s southern region, where the lake is located with little regard to the Indian wildlife protection laws. The flesh of birds is considered a delicacy in the state and fetches reasonably good prices in the market. The local residents as well as the tribal

  • Nature Reserve Advantages And Disadvantages

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    inventions of human towards protecting the nature. Mihintale Wildlife Sanctuary which is located in a small Island in Sri Lanka, is believed to be the first sanctuary in the world. It was declared as a wildlife sanctuary by King Devanampiya Tissa in 247 BC. One day the king was hunting deer in Mihintale, and then Mahinda who was a Buddhist stopped the king and preached to him that all animals have

  • Dangers Of Zoos

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    still indicates that zoos don't necessarily have educational value for visitors. Meanwhile, with the increasing emergence of zoo alternatives, like documentaries of the natural world, Animal Sanctuary and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which can also help achieve the goal of learning more about wildlife, zoos mainly for entertaining purposes can be phased