Persuasive Essay On Seaworld

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A child 's face fills with excitement as they enter a huge building that largely proclaims a sign that says ´SeaWorld.´ The thrill of seeing animals that they don 't normally see fills the child to the brim. Their elated feelings rise as they walk into the Shamu Stadium, with an announcer welcoming them. They 're so happy that they don 't realize that they 're about to witness inhumane acts for entertainment. Sea World is an inhumane facility, and needs to be shut down. But children are blind to this fact, as SeaWorld is a corrupt organization that is excellent at covering up their unfair treatment, such as abuse, kidnapping animals, and deaths.

SeaWorld has been proven to abuse their animals. Imagine living in a bathtub your whole life; that’s the size that tanks feel to …show more content…

In order for SeaWorld to have a business, they of course would need animals. SeaWorld has been proven to have kidnapped their orcas from the ocean. In just 1970, over 90 orcas were kidnapped from the ocean. SeaWorld would have a crew herd orcas into areas where they couldn’t escape, and capture them. They would specifically hunt for the mother orcas, because they would be with their children. Orcas are incredibly smart, so the mother orcas would swim away from where the herding was happening. As a result to this, SeaWorld began releasing planes that would fly over the sea and find the mothers, because the orcas had to come up for air eventually. They would throw bombs into the water, so the orcas would be forced to go into nets. One of the whales, named Tilikum, who recently died in January of 2017, was kidnapped from the ocean at the young age of two. A man named Ted Griffin, who helped capture the whales, killed a mother whale in front of her daughter, to later be named Shamu; the first performing whale at SeaWorld. Since then, SeaWorld no longer takes orcas from the sea, because they have enough whales at SeaWorld to birth their own. This just adds to the fact that SeaWorld is

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