Analyzing The Inhumane Practice Of Keeping Killer Whales In Blackfish

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In Blackfish, one of the most critically acclaimed documentaries of 2013, director Gabriela Cowperthwaite asserts that the inhumane practice of keeping killer whales in captivity is not the right thing to do. They are animals and they like to be open and free. Keeping killer whales in captivity is dangerous to the animals themselves, it makes them more aggressive, and also has the potential to harm and even kill the humans who work with them. Orcas are simply not meant for confinement. They are very calm and happy when they are in the ocean. Once these orcas are brought into the amusement parks like SeaWorld, they get harassed by other whales which makes them much more aggressive than they would have otherwise been if they had remained in the wild. For example, in the movie one whale bashed in the jaw of another whale and in the process slashed its jugular causing the whale to bleed out. This is all due to the confinement which makes the whales more aggressive. Orcas turn surly and unpredictable when they are penned into small pools. The only time they get out in the bigger …show more content…

To the audience they seem to be friendly animals, quite intelligent, even playful. However, the film shows that they were completely the opposite. It informed the viewers on the inhumane treatment and unlivable conditions of whales at amusement parks such as SeaWorld. The film focuses on the life of Tilikum, an orca who was captured in 1983 from the coast of Iceland. Blackfish also attempts to depict the horrors of Tilikum’s life in captivity. Tilikum has been involved in three deaths. The most recent of those was the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau. Tilikum grabbed her and ended up holding her under the water until she drowned. The film considers all of Tilikum’s captivity. He was captured off the coast of Iceland, and there had been much alleged harassment by other whales which made Tilikum more

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