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  • Persuasive Essay: Why Zoos Are Good For Animals

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    Zoos have always been something that families love and kids look forward to going to. Kids learn about the animals and the habitats and enjoy the entertainment. It is a great experience for people, but not for the animals. Zoos are downright cruel to Animals. Animals our forced to live in an unreal stressful, and boring conditions. Animals our taken from their natural habitats and locked up in small spaces, the small spaces, the concrete floors and the unnatural social groupings are slowly driving

  • Zoos Should Be Banned Essay

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    I take the position that Zoos should be banned Introduction Torture. Abuse. Death. That is what zoo animals suffer while being imprisoned in zoos. Zoos ignore their animals natural needs, such as the need to hunt, run, and be free. They claim that they help animals, but here are some reasons of how they don't. My first reason of why zoos should be banned is abuse. My second reason of why zoos should be banned is because they give their animals small habitats or cages to live in. My third reason

  • Baby Gray Whale Research Paper

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    GRAY WHALE FACTS 1. Seasons for whales can be broken down into two primary seasons: mating season and feeding season. 2. Every year various species of whale travel several thousand miles to mate and reproduce offspring. 3. During mating season these whales will travel towards the equator to take advantage of the warmer climates. 4. Depending on the species of whale mating season can vary, but it typically occurs during the colder fall and winter months where whales can take advantage of the warmer

  • Octopus Stereotypes

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    The octopus has captured the attention of the science world in the past few decades. These elusive sea-dwelling creatures mystify us with their behaviors that indicate intelligence. Researchers are perplexed by octopuses’ complex behaviors; octopus demand our ongoing attention because the more we look at them, the more questions we formulate. Octopus force us to question our definition of intelligence. They push us to realize that we might not be the only creatures that have the ability “to solve

  • The Pros And Cons Of Shark Hunting

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    period of Paleozoic Era, about 300 million years ago, marine life was arranged in a totally different way from now. Enormous creatures dwelled the aquatic depths and no smaller scale fish would approach them. For example, although it was a baleen whale, Archaeomysticetus was not like

  • Captive Whale Scenarios

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    Title: Captive Whale Tries To Beach Herself to Avoid Being Bullying Category: News & Opinion Tags: Morgan, captive orca, captive whales, free morgan Teaser: A whale so distraught from captivity and being bullied, she beaches herself. Article: How many times do we need to see captive animals distressed before they are released? It’s not entertaining or amusing, so why are they still being tortured into jumping through hoops and performing on demand? No matter how you label it suicide or beaching

  • Identity In Whale Rider

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    “A long time ago, my ancestor Paikea came to this place on the back of a whale. Since then, in every generation of my family, the first born son has carried his name and become the leader of our tribe... until now” (Caro & Sanders, 2003). Whale Rider is the story of a girl, Pai, whose twin brother and mother die in child birth. Koro, Pai’s grandfather and leader of the Maori tribe, is devastated that their future leader has died. Years later Koro is determined to find a leader and begins to teach

  • Pae Movie Leadership

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    physical tests. Retrieving the whale tooth from the bottom of the sea. The other boys that Koro had thought to be the next chief couldn’t retrieve the tooth from the bottom of the sea. The significance of this task was to see who was the strongest, most worthy and most capable of becoming the next potential chief. Since she had retrieved the tooth this meant she was to be that generation 's chief, whether Koro wanted it or not. Pai was also able to move the dying whales that where on the shore to the

  • Migration Reflection

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    "No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.” This is a quote from Warsan Shire that I remember every time I see migrants in the news. It seemed to me that Shire 's quote is a profound statement putting all else in different standpoints. Hovering around the boards of the Larawan Kasaysayan Lipunan exhibit is a great deal of learning and allowed me to discover things. The exhibit has a contemporary relevance to the geographical or cultural spaces in the world making me realize things

  • Evolution Of Shark Evolution

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    THE EVOLUTION OF THE CARCHARODON CARCHARIAS (SHARK) for my research task, I chose to study and track the evolution of the shark. These beasts being one of nature’s top predators in the world and dominating the oceans surrounding our continents. I chose these fierce creatures as they were a perfect example for me to use in explaining the evolution and the branching of evolution purely based on the fact that they have been around for millions of years through prehistoric times changing and evolving

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Blackfish

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    this world-renowned tourist attraction has had many examples that support her claim. In producing this film, Cowperthwaite hopes to bring about an end to SeaWorld’s practice of using killer whales as performance animals since the limited environment is ultimately doing more harm than good for both the whales and their trainers. The purpose of this rhetorical analysis will be to determine whether Blackfish offers a compelling argument. To begin with,

  • John Singleton Copley: Watson And The Shark

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    John Singleton Copley painting Watson and the Shark depicted the attack of a shark on fourteen-year-old cabin boy in the waters of Havana Harbor in 1749. Watson, an orphan, decided to take a dip from a skiff while the ship on which he was crewing docked in Havana Harbor. A shark attacked him, biting his right leg and pulling him under. Copley's visual account of the traumatic event showed nine seamen rushing to help the boy, while the bloody water proved he had just lost his right foot. The injured

  • Hunted For Fun Left To Die Analysis

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    In the article, “Hunted for Fun, Left to Die” by Lauren Tarshis, Hardy Jones and the WSPA had to take many steps in order to rescue the two dolphins, Nica and Blue Fields. To start, in the introduction,scientists from WSPA made sure the dolphins were stabilized. The scientists fed them fish filled with nutrients, and gave them gentle words to soothe them. Along with calming them, the WSPA took the dolphins on an extraordinary journey. The journey included a boat and helicopter ride, which the dolphins

  • FGCU: The Negative Influence Of Gators On Campus

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    Florida Gulf Coast University is not only home to about 13,717 undergraduate college students but is also inhabited by wildlife. FGCU is approximately 740 acres and half of those acres are inhabited by wildlife like gators (FGCU the College Board). Alligators can be found in almost all bodies of water here on campus. Alligators, if you give them characteristic traits, would be actually considered shy creatures in a way. You know the old saying “they are more afraid of you then you are of them” perfectly

  • Analysis Of The Documentary 'Blackfish Tilikum'

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    What is life for an orca really like at SeaWorld? It’s sad, degrading, confining, and tortuous with perhaps a few small glimpses of happiness, depending on the whale and the day. According to the documentary Blackfish, Tilikum, or Tilly as some may have known him as, was an orca whale captured and kept in captivity at SeaWorld, until his death in early January 2017. The documentary reveals that Tilly was taken from his mother as a mere infant. People used nets to corral mother orcas and their young

  • Synopsis Of The Film, Blackfish By Gabriela Cowperthwaite

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    Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum, a performing killer whale that killed several people while in captivity. Blackfish, a documentary by Gabriela Cowperthwaite is a perfect example on how pathos can appeal to the audience's’ emotions to get them to feel sad while watching the documentary. Blackfish is a documentation of how SeaWorld tortures this show Orcas, SeaWorld has not taken action on the multiple trainers’ injuries and death, and they keep it out of the media to keep the money flowing and

  • The Pros And Cons Of Hawaiian Monk Seals

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    As human beings we visit the Waikiki Aquarium and only see the place as a paradise home for the Hawaiian Monk Seals. We do not put ourselves into the perspective of the marine animal and see the aquarium through their eyes. My story, “Bumping Into Glass Walls” promotes the idea that we may think the Hawaiian Monk Seals enjoy the aquarium but that could be a false statement. We can come to a conclusion that the Hawaiian Monk Seals do not want to be at the aquarium but end up there because of threats

  • An Essay On Blackfish By Gabriela Cow Expertwaite

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    Blackfish, a documentary by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, a historically observed impact of the captivity of killer whales. This Documentary focuses on the orca Tilikum, who was captured off the coast of Iceland. On February 21, 1991, Sealand trainer Keltie Byrne fell into the pool with Tilikum. She was pulled to the bottom by Tilikum, tossed around, and drowned. It took Sealand employees two hours to recover her. She was the first to have been killed because of Tilikum’s stress, frustration, and confinement

  • Seaworld Research Paper

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    I think that SeaWorld is an amazing facility. I love the fact that they rescue sea creatures from their inevitable death. I love the fact that children love to come here. I love the fact that this place causes children to subconsciously learn something. I love to bring my kids here on the weekend to watch the shows that the trainers put on with the orcas. I think that having animals in captivity is an amazing thing. If animals were not allowed to exist in captivity, my children would know absolutely

  • Overview Of Bethany Hamilton's, Young Surfer Girl Tells Tale Of Shark Attack

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    Did you ever wonder what it takes to be a survivor? Learn from these people and their stories, Bethany Hamilton's, "Young Surfer Girl Tells Tale of Shark Attack" where she gets her arm bit off by a shark. Also, Hyeonseo Lee's, "My Escape from North Korea" where she fought for her and her family to live a free life outside of North Korea. Lastly, Aron Ralston's, "Trapped" where he manages to escape by amputating his arm from having it caught under a boulder. These people definitely have what it takes