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  • Essay On Killer Whales

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    Killer whales were initially captured in the 1960s, when a female orca was captured and put into a tank. Two days into the female orca's stay she repeatedly bashed her head against her tank wall and perished the following day. Unfortunately, people did not heed or take any precautions from this traumatic incident and since then killer whales all over the world have been captured for entertainment purposes and have been stored in facilities such as SeaWorld. From these types of facilities incidents

  • Wild Killer Whales

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    In the wild killer whales are very social animals and rely on the social bonds they create with their families or pods, in captivity these bonds are often broken. In the documentary “Blackfish” they reveal an unbreakable mother and daughter bond between Kasatka and Takara. Kasatka was a loving killer whale who was never vocal and never displayed violent behaviors, when her daughter Takara was taken from her, her trainers explained that for days Kasatka screeched, crying out for her daughter (Cowperthwaite)

  • Killer Whale Research Paper

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    Killer Whales: How they Physiologically Inhabit their Environment Introduction Despite its name, the killer whale (Orcinus Orca) is in fact a dolphin. It is the largest member of the dolphin family and one of the most successful predators of the sea. Due to their body structure they are able to move through the water with ease. They can control their body temperature which is essential for living in cold waters. They are able to control their oxygen levels when diving and use echolocation making

  • Killer Whale Analysis

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    Introduction The killer whale has one of the few names in the animal kingdom that sounds distinctly like a super villain. While scientifically known as an orca, the term killer whale builds much more intrigue and excitement for corporations that are advertising their orca performances. For example, the orca Tilikum drew in crowds with his performances under the title “killer whale” for many years. Tilikum awed the audience as he propelled himself from the water and into the air in astonishing

  • Luna The Killer Whale Analysis

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    From the start of time, there are a few things we as people felt and knew we had to have in order to feel like we are wanted or needed, which also applies to our animal friends. The readings of Adam and Eve and Luna the Killer Whale demonstrated to all of us that we as people and animals need love and companionship, Adam and Eve experience several different feelings after the serpent convince Eve to eat from the forbidden tree and after convincing Adam to do the same. Changes happened after that

  • Killer Whales In Captivity Research Paper

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    September 22, 2015 Do Killer Whales Actually Belong in Captivity? Ever since wild animals such as Killer Whales have been captured and kept in theme parks and zoos as amusement, there have been issues on whether they should or shouldn’t be kept in captivity. Killer Whales, otherwise commonly referred to as Orcas, have regularly been taken away from the sea at a very young age so they can be trained, raised and kept in theme parks for exhibition. Although theme parks no longer capture whales from the wild

  • The Importance Of Killer Whales

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    world. For example, the lion is the predatory king of the jungle. The eagle is the predatory king of the sky. Especially in the ocean, the killer whale or orca is the predatory king. These are 3 reasons why the killer whale is the ocean’s top predator. Their physical characteristics are appropriate to hunt their diets. Junior Explorers said that the killer whales are the largest of the dolphins and one of the most powerful predators of the

  • Essay On Zookeeping

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    Zookeeping, a career that generally involves taking care of animals in a specific place such as zoos & aquariums although there are other areas in which zookeeping is present. For as long as I can remember animals have always been a big part of my life, especially since I've always had a pet at home including fish, dogs, and cats, not to mention some of my closest relatives each had a wide variety of animals at their homes. Being in the military it means you get opportunities to travel all over the

  • Three Causes Of Animal Hibernation

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    “Hibernation is animals snuggle up in caves, burrows or hollow tree trunks and sleep during the cold winter months when food is harder to find and cold weather makes it harder for their bodies to work”.(Sabra, Sep 21,2015) These hibernation not only occurred in people but also occurred in animals. The hermitage of people and animals are different. People may be meditating, but unlike animals which depends on three factors. It is weather, animals behavior and life when hibernate. The first factor

  • The Shark Fin Soup

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    One of the difficulties dealing with Shark Fin Soup is the moral principles behind using the Shark Fins within the soup. According to British Filmmakers following Carlos Maucuaca, Mozambique’s first native dive instructor and shark conservationist, stated, “An estimated 73 million sharks are slaughtered every year, with 110 species now facing extinction”. During the production of the film, it was found consumers are dying due to the high levels of methylmercury within the Shark Fins. The methylmercury

  • Essay On Funny Animals

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    Animals give us many occasions for admiration and affection. And, funny photos with animals always make us smile. Of course, the funniest animals live in our houses. These are our pets, which we devote a lot of our warmth and love. Photos of our pets always evoke the kindest feelings, and you can’t help smiling while looking at them. Moreover, they do not specially sit for the camera but simply feel unreserved and free. They just are so funny. In general, funny animals are a bit like our children

  • Essay About Galapagos

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    For a few small islands that offer some of the best outdoor adventure and wildlife siting in the world, you can also look forward to some fun and entertaining nightlife during your visit. The Best Nightlife on the Galapagos People from all over the world visit the Galapagos Islands to see the amazing and extraordinary wildlife that seems to welcome visitors. Most of the animals go about their business simply ignoring the humans who are so fascinated. In the evening, and when they want a break from

  • A Giant Whale Short Story

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    “Holy sh*t…That’s a huge whale.” Under the brilliant blue sky, looking down from the fluffy clouds, an ocean lied there. Deeper than the caves, larger than the Earth itself. Filled with wildlife of many different species, this was a heavenly place! There, in between all the water, and the crashing waves, one could see a boat just floating there calmly. *Wuuuuoooooooo* On that little boat, a young boy with an oddly casual looking outfit, stood there with his mouth open and his eyes blank as he

  • Blackfish Analysis

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    Cowperthwaite released in July 2013, explores the mistreatment of killer whales and the relationship between the killer whales and trainers as well as the significant problems of the sea-park industry, with a focus upon SeaWorld. Cowperthwaite positions the audience to feel sympathy towards the killer whales by making deliberate choices in sound, visual, language, and structure through the representation of trainers as unprofessional, and whales as mistreated, also experts as reliable information source

  • Psychological Issues In Blackfish

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    In the documentary Blackfish, two women recount the story of a Sealand trainer, Keltie Byrne, falling into a pool of orcas and ultimately paying the cost of her own life. These women and an entire crowd of people watched in horror as Tilikum, one of the orcas, pulled her to the bottom of the pool and all three of the orcas took turns tossing her around until she drowned. Since then, orcas have been viewed as dangerous and lethal. However, this is just not the case. These majestic animals are gentle

  • Sea Lion Characteristics

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    lions may use their sensitive whiskers to locate food. They will generally hunt close to the shore as long as their food is sufficient otherwise they move to deeper water looking for food while they become vulnerable to their predators of Killer Sharks and Whales. Sea Lion swallow their food without chewing or tear it into chunks using their sharp teeth. They also use their back teeth to break the shells on clams so that they can consume what is inside. The daily food consumption by adult California

  • Sea Animal Speech

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    truly opens my eyes to the world around me. Because of that on my tenth birthday, my parents decided to take me to Sea World. I was excited not only because I was going to see all the different sea animals but because I was going to see Shamo, an orca whale they do shows with at Sea World. When we got there, it was all so overwhelming seeing such giant sea animals swimming in even larger tanks filled with other colorful and strange sea animals and being able to stand within three feet of them and watch

  • Orcas In Captivity Essay

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    146 orcas have died in captivity, and 48 of those orcas have died at SeaWorld. The average person believes that orcas, also known as killer whales, are in captivity for their own well being, or to research their species, but that is false. Killer whales are tortured to do our bidding, for other people's entertainment and greediness. The orca trainers limit their food rations so that they become hungry enough to want the “food treat” after they do the tricks that are force upon them. Orcas do not

  • Pros And Cons Of Orcas In Captivity

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    Marine parks in the country like SeaWorld, have orcas in tanks that they live in captivity. They use most of the killer whales for their performances in the pool. We all know that orcas are social, and intelligent creatures, that live in the oceans of the earth. We also know that many scientist are trying to study these animals in captivity where they are in tankes. I think Killer Whales should not be in captivity because, of the injures they can get in their tanks, how they get stressed out and they

  • Characteristics Of California Sea Lion

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    California sea lion California sea lion (Zalophus Californianus) - Key characteristics – interactions with humans – communications – Feeding habits – reproduction – threats - conservation Introduction: California Sea Lion, Zalophus Californians belongs to the family “Otariidae”. The animal is found along the coast of the eastern North Pacific. The breeding of California sea lions takes place on islands off the coasts of California and Baja California. They inhabit rocky and sandy beaches of coastal