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Territories border a specific species’ personal space, the Orinus orca is no stranger to this as any other living thing. What makes the whale’s reputation “killer” is its compliance to territories. Killer whales are innocent, but immature. Their actions prove them to be “killer” as witnesses say, but do they really think on the Orinus orca’s perception of the situations of violence they are involved in? Killer whale’s do what any other wild animal does, and when captive it is no surprise they would do the same. Orinus orcas are playful, misunderstood creatures that do not deserve their reputation as killer for an ocean of reasons. Killer whales are not what they are proclaimed to be. Killer whales are actually dolphins. The name killer whale …show more content…

Although the orca can be found in both in the open ocean and in the coastal waters, they primarily inhabit the continental shelf’s in the water less than 200 meters deep. In the cold water area is the most distribution limited by the seasonal pack ice. The killer whale is the top carnivore consumer on the food web. Killer whales may be large in size and appetite, but they still act on instinct and have no desire to kill intentionally. The killer whale is also a very playful and intelligent creature like most dolphins are, therefore they do not deserve the name killer whale. There were many instances where the killer whale has been misunderstood based on the weighed out factors of said instances. Stated by an article titled “Killer Whales: A Reputation Deserved?”, in Victoria, Canada 1991 at Sealand, a woman fell into the killer whale pool and was repeatedly tossed around until she drowned. When the killer whales tossed her around it was not their intention to kill her they were only playing. In Orlando, Florida yet another event occurred producing the same results, although the common fact remains killer whales were in captivity when these human being were killed. The whales most likely thought these women were fish not people. It is a common misconception of natural instinct and imaginative onlookers; these whales are not people they are wild marine life. It is no secret that killer whales have a bad reputation, however what earned the reputation was sheer unintentional killings. Orinus Orcas are wild marine life that should not be prosecuted like human beings, and the name “Killer Whales” is the result of false

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