Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Paper

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The monk seals are a rare tropical animal that lives on the Caribbean and the Hawaiian Islands. Monk seals live in warm waters and spend about two-thirds of their time at sea. However, they also spend time on land as they breed and carry-out their “pups.” Coral reefs provide the seal as a great habitat for them to dive, swim, and for food such as fish. It may seem that monk seals spend most of their time at sea, but they also love to rest on shore on the beaches. From resting and birthing to nursing newborn seals, the seals try their best to survive. Why are these animals extinct, then? The monk seals main predators are humans and mainly sharks. People overhunting and catch these seals for food and for their oil and sharks eat them, these are the reasons for the seals extinction. NOAA’S Fisheries Service said that monk seals have gone extinct for the reasons. Hawaiian and Mediterranean monk seals are endangered and are at a population of about 500. Hawaiian monk seals face many survival challenges such as the lack of food sources for baby seals, getting caught up in …show more content…

“If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected.” The Hawaiian monk seal is the nation’s most endangered seal, and one of the world’s most endangered marine mammal. With enough resources scientists can make progress toward achieving and to help maintain a healthy population of these endangered monk seals, but it will not be easy. Preventing interactions between people and seals is a responsibility is something these organizations are going to have to manage. With a lot of time, money, and resources I think organizations can work together to help higher the monk seal’s population and get them out of the endangered

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