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  • Fish Adaptation In Fish

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    Have you ever wondered how does a fish breath even though they still under water? Much the same as you and me fish require a steady supply oxygen as O2 with a specific end goal to run their digestion system. Without oxygen they can't produce energy or make any new fish body. Plants are the main responsible of releasing all the free oxygen on this planet, the environment right now is around 21% O2. However oxygen will break down in water, in a comparable kind of way that the bubbles in the fizzy drinks

  • Fish Hydrolysis In Fish

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    Many countries worldwide have the fish industry as a pillar of their economy whose production is around 140 million tons, of which about 80% is destined for human consumption (Benhabiles et al., 2012). Fish industry is one of the most important resources in many countries worldwide with approximately 140 million tons of fish production, including aquaculture, in which 110 million tons are for human consumption (Benhabiles et al., 2012). It has been estimated that 1 billon people depend directly or

  • Fish Migration In Fish

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    Migration is a periodic movement of a fish species from one place to another for the purpose of breeding. On the other it may be due to threat in aquatic medium because of escape from strong predator and also to escape from a particular nature of polluted environment. Therefore, migration in fish is related to many parameters, of course fish breeding is one of the important parameters. Heape (1931) has defined migration as “a class of movement which impels migrants to return to the region from

  • Fish Fishing In Fish

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    have commercial value, being less than average. An estimated amount of 6.8 to 27 million tons of fish is discarded each year. It is also estimated that almost 100 million sharks and stingrays are caught each year by mistake and thrown into the sea. Tuna fishing, once responsible for many accidental dolphin catches, is still responsible for the death of many sharks and turtles and, due to the use of Fish aggregation systems (FAD), the capture of several young tuna specimens obese and yellow fin, contributing

  • Characteristics Of Fish

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    Structural of fish Fish anatomy is the study of the form or morphology of fishes. It can be contrasted with fish physiology, which is the study of how the component parts of fish function together in the living fish. (Prosser, C. Ladd, 1991). The anatomy of fish is often shaped by the physical characteristics of water, the medium in which fish live. Head Eyes Fish eyes are similar to terrestrial vertebrates like birds and mammals, but have a more spherical lens because of the refractive index

  • Ornament Fish

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    pattern which is keeping in aquaria to relive pressure on day to day materialistic life. The ornamental fish keeping is a popular hobby which is gradually replacing outdoor leisure activities and it is the second most hobbies after photography. According to psychiatrists, placing aquaria with ornamental fishes in the patient’s vicinity could treat certain types of mental disorders. Ornamental fish called as living jewels due to its colors pattern & natural beauty. Several ornamental fishes are yet

  • Fish Ich In A Fish Tank Case Study

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    Dealing With Fish Ich In A Fish Tank That Oh So Troublesome Fish Ich This is a follow up to an earlier post entitled Spotting Aquarium Fish Diseases Before It’s Too Late. Fish Ich are aquarium fish diseases that are so common that almost every fish breeder will have to face it at some time. While in most cases Fish Ich really isn’t that deadly, it will cause the fish to itch, making them rub themselves against fish tank decoration to relieve themselves and this constant rubbing will cause their

  • Essay On Fish Environment

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    environmental issues that World Fish face is overfishing. In this era, fish is one of the food most people will choose from and likes to eat because fish is rich in micronutrients and protein (Washington Department of Health, n.d.). Therefore fisherman will use many advance fishing method to try catch a mass amount of fish per catch to prevent lack of stock. As time passes, the fish will not be able to sustain their population and one day will come to the extent that there are no more fish to be caught. It will

  • Declining Fish Species

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    Declining fish species: A case of Lake Victoria Abstract Declining fish species in Lake Victoria, the largest fresh water lake in Africa has been widely recorded. This paper examines the factors that have led to the decline of fish species in Lake Victoria. It looks at the introduction of the Nile Perch, pollution, a lack of harmonised fishing laws among East African states, the role of the fishing communities, corruption, population growth, illegal fishing and commercialisation of fishing as factors

  • Gas Exchange In Fish

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    Bony fish have gills as part of their gas exchange system. They inhabit water. The amount of available oxygen in water in comparison to air is significantly less. This means that fish must be adapted to extracting oxygen from their environment more efficiently than that of other organisms. As a result of this they have a blood association system. Oxygen enters the organism through their open mouth and then passes over their gills and out of the gill cover back into the water. The respiratory gases

  • Essay On Fish And Seafood

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    Do you eat fish and seafood? What specific type of seafood do you love the most? Do you know why some of them specifically crabs, lobsters, shrimps, tuna and salmon are expensive while others like galunggong, tilapia and milkfish are more affordable? At this point, allow me to bring you to places where these nutritious and delicious marine creatures are found and farmed. Fish and seafood are grown either in salt or fresh water. What do I mean? It is as simple as saying that they can be farmed in

  • A Summary Of Fish Oil

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    the extraction of salmon fish oil from Salmo salar and grape seed extract from Baccaurea ramiflora. Preparation of Fish Oil Heat extraction is not suitable to use since access to heating will accelerate lipid oxidation and decreasing oxidative stability of fish oil (Arab-Tehrany et. al., 2012). Hence, the extraction of fish oil from salmon fish is carried out according to the enzymatic extraction as described by Deepika et. al. (2014). First, blend whole salmon fish without addition of water

  • Fish Is The Father Of Icthyology

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    *Study of fish is called Icthyology. *Peter Artidae (1705 – 1774) is the Father of Icthyology. *Fishes are gill bearing soft bodied aquatic cold blooded craniates animals that lack limbs.

  • Essay On Fish Food

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    Use a fish food dispenser Unlike other domesticated animals such as cats or dogs, fish do not demand when they are hungry and the excess of food left unmixed in their aquarium risks poisoning the water they use as their habitat. The food distributor is there to handle these problems. Fish nutrition Indeed, about three minutes after the distribution of the food, the remains will no longer be eaten. Moreover, in principle, fish are able to withstand a little undernourishment rather than with heavy

  • Essay On Fish Farming

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    General background of fish farming production Ireland, with such unique geographical location, natural resources, and ecosystem has important role in seafood industry. Waters around 7,500km coastline of Ireland are clean, unpolluted and suitable for aquatic life , consequently forming a unique environment for seafood. Moreover, the rough Atlantic waters which shape the Irish coastline are confronted with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream and the cold fresh waters which flow off the Irish bog lands

  • Essay On Fish Memory

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    taken for the fish to navigate the maze decreases. It has been said that goldfish only have a three second memory span. Is this myth true? I believe that a goldfish’s memory span is much longer than three seconds, and I believe that they have the ability to remember complex tasks. From growing up in the Bahamas, life was and is circulated around the water. From growing up in the water you are able to notice patterns in natural fish behaviour. When spearfishing you can notice that fish automatically

  • Essay On Fish Tank

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    Buying a small fish tank for your home Fishes are loved because of their calming effect through water. Around the world, fishes are the third most popular pet after dogs and cats’ people love to care. If you are searching easy tips to buy a small fish tank for your home, then you are at the right place. Here you will be informed about the basic tips needed to select your favorite fish tank. 1. Decide the kind of fish you want to keep. At first, you must decide the kind of fish you wish to care of

  • Essay On Fish Industry

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    food security for the country. However, globally, the fishing industry is highly inefficient (Cao, 2009). Deployment of highly powerful fishing technologies, build-up of redundant fishing vessels capacity, pollutions and habitat loss has reduced the fish stocks worldwide. With the help of scientific analyses, policy makers are able to understand the economic reality of fishery activity and fishing industry in order to manage it in a better way. Therefore, efficiency study of the fishery is an important

  • Nonlethal Methods In Fish

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    relatively large numbers of fish to examine their stomach contents. However, sacrificing fish for food habit studies may cause public relations issues. They may not be a convenient option if study fish which are threatened, endangered, economically valuable, or come from a low density population. Additionally, lethal methods may significantly alter the population structure of fish. Accordingly, a number of nonlethal methods were developed to obtain and analyse the gut content of fish. They are based on the

  • Stickleback Fish Essay

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    The Use of PCR and Gel Electrophoresis to Examine the Pitx1 Enhancer Region in the Stickleback Fish of Big Lake Hypothesis: Due to selective pressures in a freshwater environment, the stickleback fish in Big Lake will not have pelvic spines due to an insertion mutation in the Pitx1 enhancer region. Rationale: Since these stickleback fish are found in Big Lake, which is a freshwater lake that does not experience a marine environment, they will not have pelvic spines due to the specific selective