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Annotated Bibliography 10152652173065943. "Open-source Framework for Publishing Content." The Dodo. Peta, 07 Oct. 2015. Web. 01 Feb. 2017. In this article, written by Ameena Schelling, the stories of an ex Seaworld employee gets told. Sarah Fishbeck tells the stories of Orca’s shedding whole strips of skin due to stress and many other disturbing events that took place during her time working with Seaworld. This article is found on a website called “The Dodo.” The purpose of this article was to get the news of seaworld’s neglect and abuse out in hopes that it will be stopped. The article gives direct quotes and names their source. This article has helped my research by giving me specific stories of abuse. The stories found in this article will …show more content…

It makes it clear that animals are not meant to be treated they way they are while at seaworld. This article was written to spread awareness about how unhealthy seaworld is to their animals. The article was full of proven facts and pictures and is reliable. This article gives many good examples for my essay. This article and the information in it gives me a lot of information to put in my paper. "8 Reasons Orcas Don't Belong at SeaWorld." SeaWorld of Hurt. Features, n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2017. This article is full of reasons why orcas should not be a seaworld. It gives examples about how it is damaging to their health to be there. This article was written to compare and contrast the health of an orca living in the wild, and an orca at seaworld. This article has given me a lot of information to put in my essay. "Save Orcas." Whaleman Foundation. Peta, n.d. Web. 01 Feb. 2017. This article talks about the ways people can help save the orcas and animals in captivity at seaworld. It gives many examples of things we can do to help make a difference. The article was written to help give us a way to make a change and help save the animals from a living a life full of abuse. This article has given me a lot of information i can put in my

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