Hypertext Transfer Protocol Essays

  • Web Server Advantages And Disadvantages

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    WEB SERVER A Web server is a program that uses HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to serve files that form Web pages to users, in response to their requests, which are forwarded by their computer's HTTP clients. Dedicated computers and devices can also be called web servers. The process is an example of the client/server model. All computers that host Web sites must have Web server programs. Primary Web servers include Apache (the most installed Web server), Microsoft Internet Information Server

  • Swot Analysis Of Maybank Malaysia

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    Political Maybank Malaysia has been influence by the policies, rules and regulations which have been introduced by the Malaysian government. Maybank Malaysia was one of the first local banks which came up with online banking system. The Malaysian government rules for the banks which are opening up online banking system is that, the security system of the online bank has to be secured enough to maximally avoid cybercrime through the online banking system. Maybank Malaysia created a secured website

  • Advantages Of Ruby On Rail

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    RAIL Interview Questions Rail is a web application framework designed to work with the Ruby programming language. Ruby is written by David Heinemeier Hansson. Rail is a framework for building websites. Rail combines the Ruby programming language with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a web application that runs on a web server. Ruby on Rail is an MVC framework. A Rail is extremely productive web-application framework. Ruby on Rail is a powerful framework to describe your application. Rail is considered

  • Internal And External Environments: The Human Visual System

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    The human visual system has two visual pathways, central and peripheral. Central vision pinpoints object and peripheral vision draws a gist of surroundings. In web browsing, peripheral vision provides a synopsis of the web page and central vision pinpoint objects to guide user actions. For example, to initiate a click, the call-to-action button should fall within the range of the central vision. A designer constructs visual cues to guide user’s vision to different parts of the web page. Since large

  • Responsive Web Design Advantages And Disadvantages

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    1. Introduction The responsive web design is a relatively new term. On the web, the responsive web design is defined as the web design and manufacturing process for detecting various variables from the external and internal environment and respond accordingly to the guest. The aim is to create a smart web site which will automatically adjust the size and basic characteristics of (menu, pictures, text) depending on the dimensions of the screen of the user's device. 2. Main Subject 2.1 Introduction

  • Essay On Web Crawler

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    considerate of resources and web servers. Some recent academic interest is there in the first issue, including work on deciding which important pages the crawler should take first. Web crawler is a program that automatically traverses the Web's hypertext structure by retrieving a document, and recursively retrieving all documents that are referenced. Web crawlers are often used as resource discovery and retrieval tools for Web search engines such as Google. These search engines (e.g. Google, Bing

  • Elements Of Web Design

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    Web design is designing and graphical representation of the content shown on the internet in the form of web sites. Web design also includes other web applications in the forms of media. Web design should create a strong branding for the company by building a custom website tailored to meet the needs of the company. Website design is the process of collecting ideas and arranging and implementing them visually guided by a set of principles. End users can access the website through the internet with

  • Shared Hosting Essay

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    SHARED HOSTING The web is a network of computers that can communicate with each other globally using a communication protocol called HTTP. For the mass to be able to view your website, you must copy your site to a public server. For this you require a web hosting service that can provide you with the perfect domain name. Web Hosting can be Free Hosting, Shared (virtual) Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, or Collated Hosting. While the others have their own advantages, Shared Hosting is known to be one

  • Web Design Research Paper

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    Web designing is a procedure of presenting the desired content on web pages, which are accessed through the Internet. Web design is a term generally used to explain the design process relating to the client-end design of a website, which also includes writing mark up. There are many elements which should be considered while designing a web page such as page layout, colour, graphics, fonts and content. The main process of creating a website includes planning, strategy and creativity. The designer

  • Back Door Selling Case Study

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    1. Ad Pages Sold It is defined as the number of page views sold by an internet advertising firm to an advertiser. The page view is defined as the view when an internet user accesses a website page. Sometimes a web page is divided into two or more frames. In that case a single page view consists of several page views. Number of page views in a day can also be a measure of the visitor traffic on the website. The percentage of total available page views which are actually sold during a specific period

  • Essay On Space Junk

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    Results The internet research gave a lot of relevant information, which was applied to the research paper and was described in Results section. Research question 1: What are the main causes of this issue? It is well known that every problem has its causes, which demonstrate how this or that issue can be developed subsequently. And following this fact, according to the Space.com website ever year different countries send their space satellites to investigate space to develop its space science, while

  • Pros And Disadvantages Of Front-End Website

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    Front-end developer has an obligation for the interior design of a house that has been built by a back-end developer. The taste and style of the decor is dictated by the owner of the web page. The front end of a website is the section that users interact with and everything that one sees when you are navigating around the Internet including fonts, colors to dropdown menu. Computer’s browser controls Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript Front-end developers are responsible for a website’s user-experience

  • Essay On Web Design

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    What is Web Design? A Web site is the final output of a Web design. The Web site sits on a Web server where electronic files are stored. The Web site presents the contents and interactive features or interfaces to the end user in the form of Web pages. How the information requested is displayed to the user is par of the Web design process. Additional controls are embedded in order to display more complex media like animations, sounds and other forms. Whats New? The Clouds of Course! Everybody wants

  • Content Management System Research Paper

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    ABSTRACT : Most organizations that consider the online channel to be central to their strategy use a Content Management System (CMS) for their website, intranet or extranet. The ‘content’ we refer to in a web-based Content Management System (CMS) is any company asset that exists in electronic format, that is, text, images and rich media. It includes other assets such as style sheet templates and the content derived from integrated systems via either integration or syndication. The CMS is a company

  • Multi-Channel Campaign-Tracking Techniques Essay

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    Incorporated advancement alludes to the specific utilization of different on the web and disconnected media over the span of advancing brand mindfulness and upgrading deals for a specific organization. The specific part of publicizing in the coordinated advancement spins around two principle approaches:  The user’s search behavior targeting .  The use of search data to get feedbacks .  The use of television advertising .  The inclusion of multi-channel campaign-tracking technique . The principal

  • World Internet Connectivity: Business Analysis

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    There has been officially World Internet Connectivity since 15th June 1995. An Internet application is software that allows its users to execute business logic using a universal, client-server browser architecture (Conallen, 2000). Business to consumer Internet applications directly interface with customers and constitute the product or service offered to them. Resource sharing facilitates economies of scale and pay-as you-go pricing. Multi-tier clustering allows an online service provider to more

  • Essay On Web Security Testing

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    What is web security testing? First, we understand the definition of WEB. Web is a platform where we can share our views, review our applications with anyone. Hence, web is a PUBLIC platform. Web is widely known as the Internet. Internet is a medium through which information can be viewed, reviewed and used either in a positive or a negative way. As everyone has an access to the information, there is a threat of misusing the data or sources available. A person can modify anyone’s data leading

  • The Pros And Cons Of Web 2.0

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    WEB 2.0 Web 2.0 is the term given to describe a second generation of the World Wide Web that is focused on the ability for people to collaborate and share information online. Unlike before the development of the web 2 properties when the web was only able to provide information to the visitors and peers. Websites with web 2 properties provide working space for the users where they can be logged into using their user ID and password. From this they can post their contents and back link which would

  • The Importance Of Web Hosting

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    Choosing a web hosting is an important step in creating a website. The whole functioning of your web resource depends on this choice. All hosting providers are divided into two big groups: free web hosts and shared ones. In the first place let me say that many of the free web hosting providers are not exactly free, i.e. in exchange for their services they may locate their advertisements on your website. If your website is a home page containing your personal information or a small web resource

  • Web Mining Categories

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    Main three categories of Web mining field are: 1. Web usage mining (WUM) 2. Web structure mining (WSM), and 3. Web content mining (WCM). 1.2.3 Web Structure Mining Web structure mining tries to find out valuable knowledge from the structure of hyperlink to take advantage of knowledge about web page relations. We can divide web structure mining into two kinds according to type of web structure data: 1. Extracting patterns from hyperlinks in the web: A structural component that connects the