Persuasive Speech On Endangered Animals

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Have you ever thought about which animals are near extinction or endangerment ? Have you looked them up? How many are left? Which ones have been removed? Do you know why they are going endangered? Have you heard what a dodo is? Well yeah it’s extinct. Do you know why? Do you know why it’s important to save an endangered animal? Well I have looked up the list of animals. I put them in groups. I found which animals were critically, endangered, vulnerable, and removed. I also looked up how many of these animals are left. I looked up why most of them are going are going endangered. I found out that mostly Monkeys/apes/gorillas, rhinos, elephants, big cats, bears, penguins, whales, cold blooded & other ocean animals, canines, birds, and turtles. These are the most endangered groups. I’ll start off with the elephants. Elephant tusks are made out of ivory which is used for several things in China. People use the elephants tusks to make jewelry, and ornaments. China is a big consumer of elephant tusks. They banned this illegal poaching and let some of the elephant populations grow back. But some people still poached these animals which kept them in the endangered list. These animals have a protection program which bans people from poaching these animals. Rhinos are killed for their horns. It’s used to make a traditional chinese medicine. Rhino horns are made out of the same thing as elephants tusks and human fingernails. It’s made out of fiber. But now they use the horns to

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