Environmental Effects Of Poaching

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Poaching is defined as illegally capturing, injuring, or killing an animal that is not on your land. The motive to commit this crime over the years has shifted from simply from individuals illegally hunting game to large organizations slaughtering animals to gain profit. Many are aware of this issue, but underestimate the sheer enormity of it. According to The Fish and Wildlife Service, there is an estimated $15-20 billion global market generated from poaching and trafficking of animals and their body parts. They have also reported that over 8,000 endangered species do not receive any federal protection. Unfortunately, poaching is a desirable industry for many organized crime groups because wildlife crime sentences are lenient, and probationary …show more content…

Leatherback sea turtles, like in the Eastern Pacific along the coast of South America, are another endangered species that has suffered from the effects of poaching. Their meat and eggs are considered a delicacy in some countries. In other areas of the world, the turtles are hunted for different reasons. Jewelry, instruments, wall hangings, and ceremonial objects can be made from the turtle's skin and shells. Based on what happened to the rhino population, you are probably able to guess the effect on the sea turtles. There are only about 35,000 nesting females left in the world, which may be larger than the decreasing rhino population, it is nowhere near where it should be. Leatherback sea turtles take a longer than most animals to reproduce, so harvesting their eggs takes a massive toll on the population. You could attribute this decline to other factors as well, but in certain areas poachers have removed up to 95% of the …show more content…

Not only serious, but cruel and unnecessary. Every day, the number of animal casualties continue to escalate while the remaining population dwindles down to extinction. It's easy to dismiss this since we don't directly rely on some of these organisms. However, all aspects of the environment are connected in one way or another. An extinction of one species could threaten many other populations. It's too late for some breeds, but with enough action to combat wildlife crime, poaching can be eliminated. It is our job as the human race to reverse the severe damage we have caused in order to sustain the balance of Earth's delicate

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