Exotic Pet Ownership Essay

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When we visit the zoo, we all thought monkeys and lions are cute animals, taking pictures with them and trying to get their attention. But when you live next to one, you no longer feel the same. Even if they are cubs or infants, you still see them as threats. I am sure some of you are facing the same problem, but that’s not your fault. Right now, Alabama is one of the few states yet to establish a law which requires an owner to obtain a license to possess big cats, monkeys, bears or other exotic animals. I believe that this will change as you will all take part in the upcoming poll and vote for the right to exotic pet ownership. As a member of the board of “American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” (ASPCA), I shall provide a comprehensive view of the problem and propose a law that will benefit all parties. Yes, I agree that these animals can be dangerous, but as a part of the state, we should also respect people’s freedom of choice. I am not suggesting to ban all ownership of exotic animals. Instead, a more reasonable proposal will be to establish a law in order to make sure our neighbors are safe, the animals are safe and the owners are safe. One of our organization’s…show more content…
They are wild predators and threatening to some. But we should also understand why some opt to adopt them despite understanding its dangers. By implementing a law, we can make sure owners are responsible for it and thus provide adequate care for their own pets. We can make sure neighbors feel comfortable and accept these “special” friends. Last but not the least, we can make sure the animal is safe and free from suffocating cages and insufficient food. Vote for the best solution, allow the government to establish a new law regulating exotic pets ownership. Let owners keep their buddies as long as they have a license, and make Alabama a safe and accepting
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