Do You Really Want A Baby Tiger

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Is an average fully grown cheetah or a cat more likely seen in someone’s house? If one of the animals previously stated was to viciously attack someone, which one would cause the most damage? The answer to the first question is a cat. The answer to the second question is an average fully grown cheetah because they can do more damage to someone compared to a cat. A cheetah compared to a cat is an exotic animal compared to a pet. Exotic animals are animals that stay wild, do not have resources that are easily accessible, and can be dangerous which means that humans should not be allowed to keep them as pets.
If exotic animals stay wild then they should not be allowed as a pet. In the text piece entitled “Do You Really Want a Baby Tiger” by Mia Lewis it states “Exotic animals are something else. They are wild animals with wild animal instincts, even when born in captivity”. From that it can be concluded, once a wild animal, always a wild animal regardless of the situation because instincts stick. The text also states “A wild animal is never 100 percent predictable” (Lewis). Therefore, the nature of a wild animal and even the actions of a wild animal is never really known. Wild animals always have instincts …show more content…

The text piece entitled “Do You Really Want a Baby Tiger?” states “While it is true that even dogs and cats can injure their owners or other people, they do not have the same unpredictable potential for serious or even deadly attacks that many exotic pets do” (Lewis). This represents how danger can strike at any time especially with exotic animals. The text piece also states “Exotic pets can also spread disease” and “In addition, many exotic pets end up on the loose in the wild”. Therefore, exotic animals are highly dangerous and they can be very harmful to people. People should get exotic animals as pets if they know that they could bring harm to them or anyone that the animal could get

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