Persuasive Essay-Spaying And Neutering Pets

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Persuasive Essay- Spaying and Neutering Pets Nowadays most people with pets know what spaying and neutering is, it is a term used to to describe the surgical sterilization of an animal, spaying for females and neutering for males. There is some controversy that goes with this topic . However, It is my belief that spaying or neutering your pet is the best decision for both the animal and the community. Spaying and neutering has many benefits for the animals health. It has been shown to reduce aggression and ease anxieties, especially in male dogs and cats. This means spayed and neutered animals are less prone to outbursts than animals that are not spayed or neutered. If your animal has a violent outburst you might find yourself forced to give them up or put them down when they might just have needed to be sterilized. It also prevents many health conditions, diseases and cancers from arising and harming or killing them. …show more content…

Millions more lose their lives from disease, starvation, moving vehicles and abuse. Animals are used by greedy breeders who breed them in cramped conditions until their bodies give out. So much of this is caused by overpopulation due to irresponsible pet owners who allow their pets to run free and do not spay or neuter them. Overpopulation is such a big problem and nobody has the time or the resources anymore to handle all of it at once. If people simply spayed and neutered their pets, this could be very preventable Some people think that spaying and neutering isn’t “natural”. That pets have an instinct to reproduce because they’re animals and we don’t have a right to take it away from them. Another possible argument is that they’re worried that putting an animal through unnecessary surgery is cruel to the animal for no reason. They don’t want to put them through

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