Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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Imagine an enraged animal rights activist charging toward a scientist in a white lab coat, desperate to free the little mice that are being used as test subjects. Although comical, this scene may be quite accurate when describing the passion that animal lovers have when it comes to the touchy subject of animal testing. For centuries, animal testing has been used in the medical research field, however many are now beginning to question whether it is ethical. Millions of animals are killed per year due to animal testing, so is this practice worth banning? Animal testing is a controversial subject, with supporters pointing out the medical advances that have stemmed from animal research and animal rights activists declaring it cruel and immoral. However, both sides agree that it would be beneficial to reduce animal suffering by finding alternatives to this practice. On one side of the spectrum, supporters of animal testing point out how valuable the practice is to scientists, and the medical advances that have stemmed from animal research. According to the Foundation for Biomedical Research (FBR), “…practically every drug, treatment, medical device, diagnostic tool or cure we have today was developed with the help of lab animals” (“Benefits of Biomedical Research”). The FBR is clearly stating that, without the help of animal testing, medical advances would be nearly impossible. Supporters also claim that animals are treated with the utmost respect. The Animal Welfare Act was a

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