Persuasive Speech On Animal Testing

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I’m here today to talk about a controversial issue that has been around for a period of time, animal testing. Animal testing using animals in experiments with different chemical substances in everything from medical to cosmetic to determine their safety as well as effectiveness . It’s a problem that has existed since the 3rd and 4th centuries BCE with its merciless methods and painful ways of abusing animals for human demands, but now it’s time for it to stop. Our technology has developed significantly since; therefore, such medieval methods of torturing animals are no longer necessary. Researches have shown that each year, over 100 million animals are tortured and killed in American laboratories alone, including dogs, cats and more; this shows how far out of hand animal testing have gotten. It’s cruel and inhumane, which is why it has to end right now. If you disagree, you have to ask yourself: “Why not? Why don’t you want to end their suffering? How can you sit there and watch such cruelty?” Making animals test subjects are wrong, no matter what’s its purpose. Is it right to kill those innocent creatures painfully? No. It’s not right to harm them for our own benefits. Every living soul have rights, this includes animals, and just because they can’t speak up for themselves doesn’t mean we can take that away from them. The fact that they can’t speak is a disadvantage, and it’s unethical for us to use their disadvantage against them for our own benefits. Is it not against

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