Animal Testing Beneficial Essay

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Animal Experimentation: Is it Beneficial?
Animal testing, otherwise known as vivisection has been around prior to the 19th century, in fact, in 1973 there was already a total of over 1,500,000 animals being experimented on. Britain was the first to stand up against animal testing, stating that it was cruel in 1876 with the Cruelty to Animals Act. America on the opposing hand, launched an animal testing boom in the first quarter of the twentieth century when cosmetic animal testing began when totals reached over 1,300,000 animals tested. The animal testing controversy has been a big one, it is no way beneficial to society nor is it humane for animals.
Animals are subjected to excruciating experiments daily. Countries such as Israel and India have stopped animal testing as well as Britain. “…countless animals are experimented on and then killed…” (Murnaghan 1). Animals are subjected to confined rooms all of their lives, used in painful experiments and then disposed of as if they are an inanimate object. “…infecting animals with a deadly disease, …show more content…

“These animals receive tests for substances that will never actually be used… it seems the animal died in vain” (Murnaghan 1). To take a life in such a painful way for no reason is a horrible thing to do. It is immoral, the scientists quickly appear to be that of murderers in this case; to take a life for no true purpose. There is also an extreme difficulty to get animals to test with, the specific animals are bred to be tested on. “Animals are expensive, there’s a lot of hassle and paperwork, and there are the extremists…” (Watts 183). Over $16 billion U.S. tax dollars are given to animal testing labs to pay for these expensive animals. Considering it is unnecessary for animals to be used in testing and that the U.S. government is $18.2 trillion dollars in debt, the money could be used

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