Arguments Against Animal Testing

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Throughout the years, testing animals have become an essential use in our society. Over 250,000 animals are used everyday in laboratories for test. Even though it is commonly known that half of the animals die after tests, there are great benefits behind it. It is very normal to have people who are against and with the idea of using animals for tests, and it all depends on their opinions. Animal experimentation is a highly debatable issue in our society today. There are many people who are against the subject because they have no enough knowledge about it. Because of the critical animal research, scientists are able to save the lives of both humans and animals. Also, with the help of animal testing, various treatments and medicines are discovered. In the eighteenth century, people use to die because of lack of medicines and cures back in their time. In Addition, many women benefit from animal experimentation because they are able to put cosmetics without worrying if it will harm them since they are already tested on animals. It is estimated that 65% of people suffering from cancer are now living life normally because of the recent treatments that are discovered. There are numerous ways of how people can benefit from animal testing either physically or economically. Animal researches do not benefit humans only, but it also help animals live a healthier life. Have you ever thought how life would be without the use of animal testing? Animal testing has
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