Arguments Against Animal Research

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Throughout the years, testing animals have become an essential use in our society. Over 250,000 animals are used everyday in laboratories for test. Even though it is commonly known that half of the animals die after tests, there are great benefits behind it. It is very normal to have people who are against and with the idea of using animals for tests, and it all depends on their opinions. Animal experimentation is a highly debatable issue in our society today. There are many people who are against the subject because they have no enough knowledge about it. Because of the critical animal research, scientists are able to save the lives of both humans and animals. Also, with the help of animal testing, various treatments and medicines are discovered.…show more content…
However, everyday biologists discover new medical treatments and medications using animals to prevent people from dying. Drug testing using animals became essential in the twentieth century. Animal testing plays a major role in the improvement of effective medical treatments. Is it important to help a person in need or to save rats that can easily reproduce? Also, researches intent on finding new treatments to improve human life. In the United Kingdom, every new drug must have been tested on two different species of mammals in order to make sure of the results. Without animal experimentation, medicines wouldn’t have existed. An estimated 29 million animals are used every year in the United States for scientific testing. One positive point is that many medical treatments and medications have been developed from animal testing. Because animals share many features with humans, scientists use animals to test the safety of developed medications. DR Bella Williams (2012), states that "Medical and scientific organizations around the world agree that animals are essential in scientific research, for developing medicines and safety testing”. Also, there is no danger of extinction for some species because they reproduce countless babies. Animal research allows us to find treatments for cancer, antibiotics for infections, and vaccines for deadly viruses. Diseases that use to kill millions of people every year are now either preventable or treatable. Animal testing hasn’t benefited humans only. Animal experimentation has also resulted in many life-saving treatments for cats, dogs, and endangered species. In fact, seven out of the ten recent Noble Prizes in medicine, were based on animal
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