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Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech, the audience will know about the problem of conducting experiments on animals and the ethical issue of the cruel treatment of animals by the researchers. While the problem of conducting experiments on animals draws attention of the society, the speech would present the limitation of animal experiments and outline the alternatives. Central Idea: 1. Conducting experiments on animals has become one of crucial ethical issues of the modern society and it has even been banned in some countries. While viewing animal experiments can be conducted both through the prism of the benefits and the disadvantages, this issue served as a powerful reason for discussions in the society and points out the need for …show more content…

Thesis Sentence: The experiments on animals have become a widely discussed ethical issue considering being based on the cruelty towards the animals and the limitations of the practice that need to be overcome but still experiences barriers. Preview of Main Points (these exact words will be used to recap/summarize). Today we will discuss: 1. First, we will speak about the ethical side of the issue of animal experiments which even resulted in the banning of practice in some countries. 2. Next, we will discuss the limitations of animal testing. 3. And finally, we will look through the existing alternatives that may limit the overall scope of the problem. Credibility Step: Much of the information I’m going to share with you today came from the PETA website, the book The Animal Ethics Reader by Susan Armstrong and Richard Botzler, and the article “Animal testing: is it worth it?” by Geoff Watts. II. Body A. (1st main point) The problem of animal experiments has become one of the central ethical dilemmas in the modern society, and some countries have even banned the practice due to its cruelty 1. Since the value of animal life as a living being should be recognized and to a certain extent equated to the value of human life, the animal experiments raise a range of ethical questions (Armstrong & Botzler,

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