Animal Testing In Cosmetic Products

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On the other hand, it is a cruel and inhumane. The products that enhance the beauty of the human body. The foreground of cosmetic products may be worthy to use, but very few know the background of the beauty or drugs in the process of a testing product that is often used for animal testing for beauty or medical. “The idea, as I understand it, is that fundamental truths are revealed in laboratory experiments on lower animals and are then applied to the problems of the sick patient... It is plain nonsense.” (Pickering. S. G. 2009) For example, animal testing is the way they feel pain and suffering. They do not get some food and water to inhibit the body a long time and it causes burns and painful to test the effects of treatment. Even kill them…show more content…
If it found that the cells die or stop growth, it shows that the substance that tested it is toxic to cells. The performance test of this chip works as well. It does also know faster results. No one expects the chips to be used instead of animal testing in this early, but it helps to detect toxins reduces the mortality of the animals. Finally, animal tests cannot predict the results reliably. The researchers claim that the animal 's body structure is different from the structure of the human body. That means animal experiments cannot be trusted too much. Many medications have been tested on animals but found to be harmful to humans. In 2004, the FDA estimates that 92% of the drugs through clinical trials and research on animals fail to reach the market. Recent data indicate that the failure rate of animal research to human research may rise to 96%. “Animal tests...less predictive than tossing a coin.” (Archibald. K. 2009) For example, the sleeping pills thalidomide has been tested with rats, cats, guinea pigs that pregnancy; it found that there were no abnormalities or defects in the testing of this drug. Unless it is given in very high doses. When used with pregnant women found that serious irregularities occurred, and affects the baby up to 10,000…show more content…
But the bad news is the effect on humans because it causes a heart attack and more than 20,000 died of a sudden heart attack. Most of the drugs tested on animals, approximately 94% found that the failure occurred in experiments with humans. More than 100 types of medicines that were invented to treat stroke can affect animals, but completely failed in humans. Including vaccines for the treatment of HIV more than 85% works well in mammals but failed in humans as well. In conclusion, I disagree with use animals for experiments because testing animals may be only a little life which was forgotten. Some species were classified as animals disgusting. But what of the animals was back with an enormous value which allows humans to develop various medical science and help humans survived a disease. It would not be wrong to say that the success of these is what is derived from experimental animals. So, it is time we should look at the lives of animals as creatures that must bear the pain instead of
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