Animal Testing Is Cruel And Inhumane

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Throughout thousands of years, animal testing has been proven to be beneficial for the human race. While it has done a wonderful job for us, it has only injured, killed and put an enormous amount of pain on animals. The exact number of animals used in research yearly is unknown, due to official government statistics not including mice, rats, birds, fish, or other animals used for testing: some estimates put the total number to be 26 million. The use of animals for scientific research is cruel and inhumane, while both humans and animals share similar traits, they are both made up of completely different genes making them poor test subjects to begin with and may mislead or cause side effects for both parties.
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Such was the case for what is known as the thalidomide disaster of 1950. Thalidomide was marketed as a sleeping pill safe, even for pregnant women, however, it caused 10, 000 of babies to be born with severe deformities, most of the cases where of children with malformed limbs. During the testing, scientist realised it was impossible to achieve an LD50level or a deadly overdose. Results of the animal testing did not include looking at the effects of the drug during pregnancy. After the withdrawal of Thalidomide from the market, it was tested once again this time on pregnant mice, rats, and guinea pigs which resulted in negative results. It was then found that one strain of rabbit (the New Zealand white rabbit) was susceptible, while cats, hamsters, rats, and mice were found to be sensitive to extremely high doses. Not only that, some drugs, such as Aspirin, is highly lethal to most animals thus giving erroneous

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