Animal Testing Is Inhumane Essay

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Animal Testing is Inhumane. Multiple species are dying by normal nature happenings, such as being eaten or something like that. However, that 's just the life cycle. But even with this ongoing cycle, the deaths that happen in it don 't get anywhere close to the amount of animals killed by us humans. Each year, 100 million animals, including mice, rats, dogs, frogs, cats, and more, are all killed for scientific usage. These are usually used for new medicines, vaccines, etc. But is it really worth it? Killing off helpless animals for our own use? Obviously it 's not.
There are other scientific methods that can replace animal usage. Recently, scientists have found techniques to test out medical cures. One possible use is to take human tissue …show more content…

Most animals can be very different than humans. There could be some animals which have similar properties to humans. However, no animal is exactly like a human. On a dichotomous key, you never see two organisms on the same branch, right? And if there was a dichotomous key including every organism out there, human would not show up more than once. All animals are different in some way. This could mean tests on animals could be misleading. Certain chemicals could be bad for animals yet good for humans, or vice versa.
Animal test are much more expensive than using a human for tests. Humane Society International has compared animal tests with in vitro counterparts. Something called an “unscheduled DNA synthesis” animal test costs approximately $32,000. The in vitro alternative costs only $11,000, thus making a $21,000 difference.
Drugs that pass animal tests could not necessarily be safe. In the 1950s, a sleeping pill was created called thalidomide. The pill was tested on animals prior to it 's release. Since then, the pill had caused 10,000 babies to be born with severe deformations. Later, another sleeping pill was tested on animals. However, it didn 't work on the animals unless if it was taken in large doses. So then it was suggested that humans take the same dose. However, it was much more effective on humans, so they only had to take small doses, instead of the large doses the animals needed. This caused tons of cardiac heart diseases and heart attacks. Almost 27,000

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