Arguments Against Animal Testing

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Animal testing has become a big argument around the world. Truthfully, there should be NO animal testing, ANYWHERE. Imagine taking your pet that you love a lot and then you give it a drug and kill it. Think about how disrespectful and cruel that would be. To just kill someone you love. It’s almost like murdering your closest friend or your family member. It is cruel, just cruel to animals. It is killing a large amount of animals, and not just wild ones, scientists even kill dogs, hamsters, and other house pets too! One of the reasons animals should not be tested on is because there are tons of animals suffering and gasping for air from scientists giving animals drugs, just to see if the drug worked. This is a cruel and unnecessary process that needs to be stopped. For example, in the database article “Should we still allow medical drugs to be tested on animals” states,“it's cruel, sick and wrong to test drugs on animals”. This shows that animal testing is not necessary, even for the least harmful test possible. It is cruel to test things on animals and scientists definitely need to find a different way to test things. Of course, it is …show more content…

For example, in the website Procon, it states,“Opponents of animal testing say that it is cruel and inhumane to experiment on animals.”This shows that animal testing is not good and makes animals suffer miserably. The thing that is surprising is that people actually agree with animal testing! For some reason, people don’t care about animals lives and their deaths. That is confusing because people should care about animal sufferings and deaths and not just think that animals are fine with going through suffering. They should care that there are animals suffering and dying all over the world as they speak. They may not even be suffering from animal testing, but you should still care about their lives. This is again another reason why animal testing has to

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