Persuasive Essay: The Controversy Of Animal Testing

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There’s an element of second-hand embarrassment felt while walking to a job provided by the cosmetics empire and you notice the streets filled with people herding together like the atrocities they are protesting for: animals. These protesters, wearing makeup on their own, in order to not be mistaken for the ugly testing animal themselves, have allowed for the empire to grow into the untouchable powerhouse it is today, but it is suddenly not ok to get rid of these monsters whose only purpose is to take up space.
The protests that are arguing for animals to have basic human rights are not interfering with the animal testing, but with the simple basic human rights of being able to get to one place to another. Think about it: have you ever been in a situation where you are stuck behind someone going slowly and there are other people surrounding you, making it impossible to get around that one slow person? During this entire time, you can see the sweet freedom of the open road right in front of him or her. To create a clear path so you can move at your own pace, you think about
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The creation of science has helped us discover other ways to test cosmetics without the use of animals that could potentially be more efficient since animal testing is not the most accurate approach to knowing how a human body would react to a cosmetic. However, these new systems would only increase the animal population and help the environment, changing the course of our destructive path that we 're on. Therefore, to compensate, we would need to just plainly kill them in their natural habitats, where protesters can more easily block our access to the animals. This way of murder is also not as innovative as the animal testing has proven to be. Animal testing has been going on long enough to not give up on it now, we will wait until science has come up with a more innovative way to kill
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