Persuasive Essay Why Animal Testing Is Wrong

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Why Animal Testing is Wrong The human race has greatly benefitted through the use of animals. They have not only been a great form of companionship for people, but have also helped with the success in the world of medicine. For many years, the rights of animals and animal experimentation have been up for debate on whether or not it should be legal. Some may find that animal testing has led to major advancements in the medical world and that it is a small price to pay to save millions of lives, but others believe it is inhumane and that animals should be given the same rights as humans. Although the experimentation of animals has furthered medical knowledge, it should not be allowed because it is brutal and animals are unable to give their approval. In order to do a study on humans it must be authorized by them, where animals are unable to give consent, which strikes questions in the world of science on whether this is morally acceptable. Although animal experimentation can result in saving the lives of millions, many find it to be cruel and unjust. Seeing as animals are unable to speak for themselves, they are still able to express their emotions through their behavior. They are capable of experiencing loneliness, sadness, happiness, and pain (Liou). Animals are remarkably similar to humans in the aspect that they can feel and understand a situation. When scientists experiment with animals they are able to use any part of their body and it is okay to euthanize animals in the

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