Ethical Differences Between Slaughtering And Experimentation With Animals

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Ethics are the moral principles and norms on which human activities are judged. Is it right to use animals in experimentation? What makes the experimentation with animals right or wrong? What are the differences between slaughtering and experimenting with animals? How ethical and moral can experimenting with animals be? I am going to discuss the views of these issues concerning the ethics that goes along with experimenting with animals in this passage.
Firstly, animals may be subject to experimentation or be modified into conditions useful for gaining knowledge about human diseases or for testing human potential treatments. For example, it was discovered long ago that rats have similar genetic build-up and the identical systems as human being, so rats have been used along for experimentation. According to the animal research: the ethics of animal experimentation that was published in July the sixtieth 2010,some people argue that experimentation with animals should end because it is wrong to treat animals merely as tools for further knowledge while others ague that animal are better target as opposed to using human beings.
However, I think there is nothing wrong with experimenting with animals because; most of the animals are killed for meat, leather and for various ceremonies in some traditions. Some animals are also killed due to lack of …show more content…

So this simply means that the animals can feel pain and experience pleasure, therefore they should have the same status as human and deserve equal treatment as human. This drives home the point that human beings should not have the right to harm, kill, or treat animals merely as a means to achieve their own goal or to further their knowledge. So according to these, anything that has something to do with the suffering of the animals that is caused by men should be abolished and these include experimentation with

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