Summary Of Animal Liberation By Peter Singer

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Are animals as important as human beings? Peter Singer answers this question in his article “Animal Liberation.” Singer supports the idea that animals are as important as human beings. People should stop seeing animals as a means of satisfying human wants and see the animal as equals. Exploitation of animal will stop when humans will accept that it is unnecessary. It is hard to understand why an animal should be used to conduct research which is aimed at finding medicine for the human disease (Singer) . Singer notes that majority of human beings believe that other species are there to make human life comfortable and therefore it is inevitable to use nonhuman to please human. Sussex university philosophers believe that it is through liberty, fraternity, and equality that human will change their attitudes towards animals and consider mistreatment of the animal as a practice which should not happen (Singer). By classifying animal exploitation as illegal, it will be possible to attract the …show more content…

The animal is used in research which is meant to benefit human beings. But although it is possible to stop using animals for in research, there is a limited chance of getting animals out of human research activities. Animals are used in research where laws are stating it is unethical to use human subjects. Many people may wonder why laws prohibit the use of human subjects but allow animal subjects. Although different people may argue differently the main reason is what Singer is fighting for which is equality of human lives and animal lives. Currently, human’s life is accorded a higher value than animal’s life (Singer, 1973) . The animal has been used in genetic manipulation experiments, but it is illegal to use human subjects in similar research activities. Human believes they have authority over animals hence it is difficult to prevent them from using animals for research especially when the results are not

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