Blackfish Bill Of Rights

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How animals are treated can also affect daily human life. Animal rights are rights given to animals to be free from exploitation, cruelty, neglect, and abuse and enumerates further rights for laboratory animals, farm animals, companion animals, and wildlife. Some animals should have a Bill of Rights. This law does go against centuries of human culture. This law would increase the cost of food. This law would hinder medical research.

There won't be that much of an impact if some animals were to get a bill of rights. In the film blackfish it showed how the whales get frustrated of being in a pool their whole lives, that's why they sometimes attack the trainers at Seaworld. Studies done by Rifkin showed that apes show the skills necessary to learn sign language. Some animals are need of a bill of rights because there's people that have domesticated animals and all they do is mistreat and abuse them. Animals like domesticated, wildlife, and farm animals need rights. In the film it showed how the farm animals that consume as food are mistreated. They should be treated humanely at least until they are put down because if they are treated without care those animals that we consume are full of bacteria and other types of feces. …show more content…

Not all animals need rights just the ones that are more associated with human life. For example, flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc. won't need them because they are little insects that just carry bacteria and other types of diseases. Animals like whales in the film blackfish need rights because it shows how frustrated they get with the small space that they have to live in their whole lives. Giving rights to whales and other animals like dogs and cats etc. won't affect much the human culture because it's just going to give them a little more protection against human abuse towards

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