A Change Of Heart About Animals Essay

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When you think of animals you always think about how much you distaste them or how cute they looked in a video you saw on Youtube. You never would think about the mistreatment animals face whether it is in their own environment or in a laboratory. Some people refuse to acknowledge the mistreatment of animals, but that does not make the problem go away. That is why animals need something to protect them from the unjust they face.Animals need a Bill of Rights to protect them from neglect, unnecessary experiments and humiliation, and have a right to live freely in their natural habitat.

In the article “A Change of Heart about Animals” Jeremy Rifkin includes ideas that support the argument that a Bill of Rights will protect animals from being neglected and uncared for by their owners or caretakers. When discussing studies regarding pigs’ social …show more content…

In the introduction of the article Braithwaite expresses, “ Every year, sportsmen around the world drag millions of fish to shore by barbed hooks.” (Braithwaite, 1).
Fish are taken out of the bodies of water they call home to either be eaten by people or just to be used for sport in sportfishing. Instead of being able to swim peacefully fish are taken out of their natural habitat for other people’s benefit. Towards the beginning of the article Braithwaite claims, “ Incredibly, no one ever seems to have asked before whether fish have neuroreceptors around their mouths.” (Braithwaite, 1). Fish are used as sport because a lot of people tend to believe that fish do not feel pain, but they actually do. People take animals for advantage because we do not know everything about them and their environment. Fish and other animals deserve the right to live freely in their own environment without being disturbed for unjust

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