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Checkpoint 4: Persuasive Speech Draft Directions: Type your speech draft here. Your speech should have five paragraphs, an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Body paragraphs should discuss the following in this order: what the injustice is and why we should care, who it affects and how, and what we should do to help solve the problem. Make sure to use ALL of your work in Checkpoints 1-3, the example speech (under Checkpoint 4), and the rubrics below to guide you. Have you ever gone to the store and saw a cute sweater made from sheepskin? Or have you ever gone to a bullfighting tournament just because you needed some entertainment? Well, I’m sure that we all have experienced at least one of those two things. But, have …show more content…

For example, we could not eat meat, or buy coats that were made from animals, or we could make sure that we buy items from the store that weren’t from animals. One step that I want everyone to take to help solve this issue is to enter an animal club. Not one of those clubs where you go out on nature walks and admire animals for their beauty, but one of those clubs where you go and take care of the animals that are there. You could clean their bowls, give them baths, take them on walks, and give them lots of love and care. This will help animals with their rights. The more clubs that they are, the more animals will have their rights respected. Some clubs that you could join to help animals out are: Happy Animals Club, Homeless Pet Clubs, and Lucky Dog Kids Club. “HPF provides critical medical care, food, foster care, and comfort to homeless animals. The organization also maintains a network of communication between volunteers, shelters, advocates, and potential adoptees” (“Homeless Pet Clubs”). All of these clubs are helping animals in some way such as by, instead of doing the cruel things to them we are doing the right things and helping them with their lives. This is respecting their rights, and you could also take a stand, and help animals by joining one of these

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