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  • Qualitative Research

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    Qualitative research allowed researchers interact actively with their participants (Muchnisky, 2003). According to Shaughnessy, Zechmeister, and Zechmeister (2003), qualitative research will not contain any statistical analysis since it only having verbal record. On the other way, quantitative methods will heavily rely on tests, rating scales, questionnaires, and physiological measures (Stone-Romero, 2002). This mean, quantitative research will reflect results in numbers while qualitative research

  • The Importance Of Quantitative And Qualitative Research Methods In Tourism

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    3.2.1 Qualitative research In order to capture the individual tourist’s construction of his/her experience, the meanings given and the remembrance of the tourist space, qualitative methods would appear to allow for greater variety of response as well as being able to tap into the impacts of self (Wearing & Wearing, 1996; p.240). The nature of this study is explanatory therefore qualitative research is a field for inquiry was identified with the disciplines, fields and subject matters. According to

  • Advantages Of Qualitative Research

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    There are two kinds of research methods through which learner gather different types of information. These two research methods are qualitative and quantitative method. Qualitative method is subjective and it has lower number of respondents. Respondents are not randomly selected for this method. There is a specific number through which they collect data. The purpose of qualitative method is to know the different opinions and experiences of an individual, to know about their own thought and feelings

  • Examples Of Qualitative Research

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    2.1 Qualitative research The methodology applied to this report is qualitative. According to Hancock B., et al. (2009, p.4), “researchers working”, in different fields of sciences, find very hard to explain “human behavior in a quantifiable terms”. If the meaning of the research lies on explaining “how much or how often something happens” then it may be correct to opt for quantitative methods, (Hancock B., et al. 2009, p.4). “Qualitative research attempts to broaden and/or deepen our understanding

  • Qualitative Research Method

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    Section III. Choice of Research Method: Quantitative, Qualitative or Mixed? The selection of data analysis techniques to deal with research questions or hypotheses and the techniques chosen for the data collection is informed and guided by what we call the research method. Hence, research method is a procedure, and also the analytical techniques to be chosen and the methods to be chosen will also be dictated by the choices of the methodologies made and by the theoretical framework (Sumner and Tribe

  • The Importance Of Qualitative Research

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    Introduction Qualitative research arrives at an outcome without the application of statistical methods of data analysis (Strauss and Corbin, 1990, cited in Golafshani, 2003). By taking a direct approach, where the researchers obtain findings and as such a clearer understanding of an event that occurs naturally in its environment (Patton, 2001, cited in Golafshani, 2003). However, it is noted that a qualitative researcher plays an important role in data collection since the main methods used to generate

  • Validity In Qualitative Research

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    repeatable and generalization means that findings can be generalized to other settings (Fink, 2000). Qualitative validity according to Creswell (2003) means that the researcher should check for accuracy of the findings. One of the main strategies to assure validation is triangulation is the process of comparing different kinds of data or data derived from different methods (Lincoln & Guba, 1985). Qualitative reliability indicates that the approach of the researcher is consistent in dif-ferent projects

  • Introduction To Qualitative Research

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    the research.” According to Kumar (2002), "the chapter gives information that helps the reader to assess the credibility of the findings. It gives room for replication by other researchers in different settings and is thus a vehicle of expanding the researcher’s influence in the discipline being studied.” Methodology refers to the methods or procedures used to carry out a research. It gives the researcher the opportunity to consider the research carefully and to plan the

  • Essay On Qualitative Research

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    QUALITATIVE RESEARCH Qualitative research is the method of choice when the research question requires an understanding of processes, events and relationships in the context of the social and cultural situation (Qualitative Field Research , n.d.) This document will explore the different techniques of qualitative research. 1.1 In-depth Interviews In-depth Interviews are a form of qualitative research that involves it’s with engaging two participants, the interview and interviewee in a conversation

  • Characteristics Of Qualitative Research

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    3.1. Research Design The research uses descriptive qualitative approach. According to Bogdan and Biklen (1998, as cited in Annisa, 2015), qualitative research has six important features: the research conducts in natural setting, the key instrument of the research is the researchers themselves who involves with the respondent straightly, the research is in descriptive data, the outcome is the second important after process, main purpose of the research is meaning, and the research has a tendency to

  • Disadvantages Of Qualitative Research

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    What are the major advantages and challenges to using a qualitative approach in social science research? Apply these advantages and challenges to your topic of interest. Answer Data collection methods in Social Science research may be grouped into three main categories namely: Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed research. The research method is basic to the success of any research activity and is essential to maintaining the integrity of research. Krishnamurthi, Cabrera, and Karlovsky, (2004) argue

  • Ethnoology In Qualitative Research

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    long period of time”.1 The importance of theory in quantitative research begins with “interrelated set of constructs (or variables) formed into propositions, or hypotheses, that specify the relationship among variables (typically in terms of magnitude or direction)”. 2 In quantitative research, researchers often test theories as an explanation for answers to their questions, however, by comparing the use of theory in qualitative research is “more varied, the inquirer may generate a theory

  • Qualitative Research Methods

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    Two different research methods are there which includes qualitative and quantitative in order to analyse the aim and objectives of the research study. Qualitative research method makes use of exploratory research by understanding the opinions, reasons and motivations related to the study. It involves creation of idea based on which quantitative research is conducted. This research method makes use of content and previous researches in order to elaborate the context of the topic. While on the other

  • Qualitative Research Questions

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    The Elements of the Research Questions and Hypotheses for a Proposed Study A qualitative study states the research questions. It does not frame the specific goals for the research, nor does it predict the outcome (Creswell, 2014). The research questions are in two forms: a central question and associated subquestions. A central question is “a broad question that asks for an exploration of the central phenomenon or concept in a study” (2014). The intent is to explore the general, complex set of

  • Descriptive Qualitative Research

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    Descriptive qualitative research design has been applied to find out the research questions of this research. This research is collection analysis and interpretation of comprehensive narrative and visual (nonnumeric) data in order to gain insight into a phenomenon of interest. Due to the data that are collected should contribute to the understanding of the phenomenon studied, (Gay, Mills. E.G and Airasian P 2006;413). This research would find out the non-numeric data and to describe it. The researcher

  • Qualitative Research Interview

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    people (1957). Interviews can help researchers to gather valid and reliable data that are relevant to their research questions and objectives. In fact, the research interview is a general term for several types of interview. This fact is significant since the nature of any interview should be consistent with the research questions and objectives, the purpose of the research and the research strategy that researcher has adopted (Saunders, Lewis, Thornhill, 2009, p.318). There are three main types

  • Qualitative And Quantitative Research

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    and qualitative approaches should not be understood as in one research is used only quantitative method, but in another one is used only the qualitative method. Both approaches represent certain systems of outlooks, within which ideas of cognitive functions of methods and priorities of its relevance for scientific research are formed. When you decide which model to choose, it is important to have the idea of what the main goal of collecting the information is. On the one hand, the qualitative approach

  • The Importance Of Qualitative Research

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    Introduction Qualitative research is a social science research that collects non-numerical data and seeks to decipher meaning from that data to help us understand social life by studying targeted groups or places. Many theorists believe qualitative methods enable researchers to obtain in-depth knowledge of human behavior, opinion, or attitude relating to individuals or a group through methods such as focus groups, individual in-depth interviews, and observation. Qualitative research methods can

  • Qualitative Research Methodology

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    and procedures of the suggested research. It consists of research design and participants of the study. Besides that, it also discusses the data collection procedures, processing of data analysis and statistical analysis in the study. 3.1 Research Design 3.1.1 Qualitative Research A qualitative research approach is proposed for this study. Research design provides an overall structure and strategy of the research. Denzin and Lincoln (2005) describe qualitative research as involving “ an interpretive

  • Qualitative Research Design

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    techniques which can be used to conduct research to achieve the objectives of the study. The research will use both the qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. This chapter includes research design used, population, and sample size, sampling techniques, data collection procedures and how data was analysed. The chapter also discusses the research techniques, instrumentation, population, strength, weakness of the research. 3.1. RESEARCH DESIGN A research design is a plan, structure and strategy